Tuesday, May 20, 2014

A new card to share an the first set of photos from the wedding

This has been the most crazy busy wonderful week ever! lol  Sorry I haven't been here to post but important things have been happening! The wedding of an amazing couple.  My niece Neely and her (husband now) Alan.  Neely is my sister ( my partner in crime.. Jan's daughter). And my brother in law Keith  Since we had only boys I was lucky enough to have them share their girl with me.  She's truly feels like my own. She was born when I was 13 years old and from that point on.... she has been a special special little girl to me.  I'm so thankful   she and my sis let me have a part in putting this wedding together.  More than a few tears were shed by this Aunt I can tell you that much.  It was the most beautiful, amazing day you could ever imagine.  I will be sharing photos along with the projects we created for the weeding and the reception,over the next few weeks.  It's been so hard waiting to share!  I'm so ready to unleash the photos ... so beware. lol     First off all today I wanted to share a card I created with Crafty Secrets "Creating with Vintage Illustrations" CD
This card is hybrid. The first part was done in Photoshop and printed off and then the rest was put together with stitching, buttons ect...

I have so many photo I want to share but most of them I have projects to go with. Today I'm just sharing photos from the actual wedding ceremony. 
The bride.... my niece Neely

The wedding was here in NE, out doors by a lake at a cabin owned by a dear friend of Neely and Alan's.  Neely and Alan  did live here in NE, but moved to LA a few years ago so that Alan could pursue his career working in the film industry.

Neely painted the poles that formed the tee pee style set behind them.  A dear friend of hers was the officiate.  She was only home for one short weekend for a dress fitting and to do a few things a month ago so I don't know how she found time for it...but it looked so cool!

We could not have asked for a more beautiful day!!!!

This is a photo Alan took... looking up at everyone, towards the cabin.  There was chairs on the different levels for seating, and then we had a old suitcase painted pink set out that was filled with vintage table cloths for sitting on.  It had a banner sign I made, hanging from it that said "extra seating".

Some photos I snapped before the ceremony when the photographer was taking photos.
One of my favorites!  Pretty much sums up the feeling of the day!
I'm telling you what... she has some true blue friends... these girls chipped in and helped with anything and everything, where ever they were needed all weekend.

We had filled little multi colored paper chevron bags with bio degradable confetti circles, instead of rice.  I was pretty.

In my next post I'll show you what we did for the inside of the cabin décor. We served some food... Shrimp... veggies, ect after the ceremony since it was at 2:30 and then reception wasn't until 7pm in Omaha about 45 min away.   There was lots going on, but my sis knocked it out of the park with her planning! It was amazing!

Highlight .... being asked to be a witness and sign the wedding license.
Like I said....... Perfect day.... my heart is full!!!

Thanks for letting me share!



Jean said...

Gorgeous cards! Love the wedding photos! She is beautiful!

Julie Higgins said...

Oh Vic...I got lots of tears in my eyes when I read the end..that you were asked to be the witness on the wedding license. How special that will always be for them to have your signature there! What a wonderful Aunt you are! Ahhhh.....and Neely is such a sweetheart! Julie

Jane said...

A beautiful wedding in a beautiful setting on a beautiful day, with a beautiful bride and handsome groom!

Gail S. said...

Awww,Vicki, it looked like it was such a special day! Such a beautiful bride. My granddaughter LOVES for me to you tube Tilly and the Wall singing the ABC song!!!

Bettyann said...

What a lovely and special day...take care

Conniecrafter said...

Saw your card on the crafty secrets blog and just had to stop and say I just love it, great colors and design!!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

OK....the card is wonderful! Love the way you combined digital with "real" stitching...such gorgeous colors and a great layout.

The wedding looks like toooooo much fun and happiness and love and celebration. Neely was a gorgeous bride..and I love her dress. The setting is picture perfect. Can't wait to see all the loving touches you added. The confetti is such a fun idea! Love the way your mind works, my friend!

Neely Jenkins said...

I love this!!!! I hadn't seen that last photo of us in the confetti with all of our friends and loved ones!!! So good!!!!

Neely Jenkins said...

Not sure if my last comment worked or not, but I had not seen that confetti picture with all of our loved ones in the background. SO GOOD. I am STILL beaming from this day. So many people, putting in so much work…. How did I get so lucky?