Sunday, May 25, 2014

Wedding projects... woodburned log pieces, flower poles, cookie bags, decor

I have lots of photos and ideas from the wedding that I want to share, I've just been busy trying to sort thru and organize the gazillion photos I took over the wedding weekend.   Pulling this wedding together was defiantly a team event.  With Neely and Alan living in LA and the wedding being here in NE, there were lots of phone calls, texts and emails between all of us.   Neely had so many amazing ideas about what she wanted, and my sis and I had been emailing ideas back and forth with her, so between us,  this is what we ended up with.  I'll be sharing different ideas and how to's on some of the projects over the next couple of weeks.  Some ideas our own craziness, lol, and some inspired by Pinterest projects. My sis is creative beyond words and Neely amazes me with her sense of style.  And boy does she have her mommas crafting blood. lol
Neely incorporated Arrows into a lot of her wedding.  These are all vintage arrows on the mantle of the cabin.  The awesome Letterpress letters, spelling out their names were a gift from Sandy Redburn. (owner of Crafty Secrets)
The cabin is owned by a dear long time friend of the Bride and Groom. They have so many memories of good times here.  Neely and Alans friends are some of the kindest most amazing people I've ever met! They all jumped in anytime something was needed, without even being asked , to make everything run so smoothly!

Here is the first project I'm going to share.  Neely had this idea to put this design ( which is similar to their "Save the Date" magnets) on log slabs for the wedding party   to stand on during the  ceremony.
This project had my sis and I a little apprehensive ... simply because neither of us had ever used a wood burner before.       My son Jarad got the log slabs cut for us from fallen trees out at his cabin. ( different cabin)    
Here is what we learned
IMPORTANT  After they are cut, set them out in the sun ... keep them dry. Flip them numerous times, to give both sides a chance to dry out.  She left them out to dry a couple of weeks.   Why you ask?   Well, Jarad and Kate also used wood slabs just like this for their weeding and found ... if you don't let them dry and just keep them stacked in a box... they will  mold.
Wood burned log slabs for the wedding party to stand on
Once they were dry, we drew out the design with a pencil first and then used a wood burner to burn the design in.     HINT---   We had two different wood burners, both bought at Hobby Lobby.  Since we had never don't this before my sis bought two different types.  We quickly learned for the type of project,...... Hottest temp you can buy with the thickest tip, works best.     It was actually much easier than we were anticipating!

I think we ended up doing something like 14 total.  Extras for décor.

In the photo below, you can see them in the ceremony.

Also wanted to point out the cool teepee style backdrop.  Neely's idea... and she made it!  She was back a week before the wedding, and got SO much done herself in that time.  One of the things was painting this!  Her Dad and her got the polls and she went to town!  I turned out so cool!

                                              Teepee style back drop

              Remembering Grandma Dunn - A sweet treat for the guests

I was so touched by this idea... which was totally Neely's.   These are my mom (Neely's Grandmas) trademark cookies, that our whole family loves!  She wanted to be able to have these set out in trays for the wedding guests.

So my sis and I spent a day together weeks ago baking over 300 sour cream cookies :)   They were all put in my deep freeze for save keeping until we got closer to the wedding date and could frost them.   
Between the three of us.. this is what we came up with to put them in.  Neely told me what her and Alan would like to have printed for them.  I got them printed and cut.  I ran across these darling charms in an etsy shop, and fell in love with them.  Luckily Jan and Neely love them also :)     This is how we decided to wrap them up. 
My sis had so much going on at her house .. and the cookies were at mine, so I had a cookie frosting day at my house a few days before the wedding.   Look at this.... Alan even got right in there and helped!  What a guy!     Neely's sweet maid of honor, Janelle was also there frosting like crazy, as well as my sis and I.
I think my mom was just smiling down on us.

now THAT is some serious cookie frosting!

While the frosting was drying we put together the packaging.  Here is my sis adding the saying to the backs of the envelopes.   Could not have managed this without Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Runners!

These two were troopers!  What a fun day for all of us,  to get to work together and just chat.

Flower bottles that lined the path

This was a pinterest  inspired idea that Neely and her Dad worked on together.  These lined the path down to the ceremony spot.

Large Polka Dot Balloons.  Look at these fun huge polka dot balloons Neely found on etsy!!!

Here are a few more photos of Décor at the cabin were the ceremony was.  I'll be sharing photos of the food and other projects there in upcoming posts.

Check out this huge vintage lighted A and N for Alan and Neely that my sis found at a Cool Vintage Shop in Lincoln.

You can see more of the first set of photos in the blog post below.
Wow.. that's more writing (typing) than I've done in a while.  Time to take a break .. whew! lol
One thing I love about Pinterest, Instagram and blogs, is seeing peoples creative ideas. I'm always amazed at peoples willingness to share their creativity with others.  I know my sis, and  Neely  feel like I do... We love to share also!  I'm hoping you find things here that inspire you... if not for a wedding, for a get together or event you have coming up.  One thing I've learned .... when your working on big projects.... do them with people you love and enjoy being with... it makes them fun and feel like no work at all!   I looked forward to ever  time we got together to work on projects for the wedding. We laughed and we cried ( happy tears of course).
Thanks for stopping by!
Vicki, (Jan and Neely)


Susie Wittwer said...

Wonderful post Vicki!!! I love the wedding decor! Sweet photos, too.
I'll be waiting for more!
God's peace and blessings,

Debby said...

How cute is this wedding. All the different ideas. Love them all. Those big balloons are great.
Looks like a really fun wedding.

Teresa Kline said...

wow, what a gorgeous wedding, greta attention to details...I luv the cookie idea...perfect!

sparkle & shine *~*

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love a good homespun wedding...and these projects were so gorgeous, Vic! I can't believe how hard you all worked to make it so beautiful. I feel the happiness just reading your post and enjoying the photos. I really love those polka dot balloons and the flower poles. The cookies were such a special touch, and the little arrow charms are darling. What a lucky girl to be surrounded by so much love! Thanks for sharing

Julie Higgins said...

Such beautiful wedding decorations!!! Oh should be a wedding planner:) Julie

VAWM said...

Fabulous! What a wonderful family you have!

Jean said...

Such gorgeous wedding details!


Those are such awesome ideas and wonderful pics!!