Sunday, June 22, 2014

Hideaway Farm Saturday

Hi friends... I said I'd be back with some photos to share and wanted to do them in a separate post from my last post.  Still I couldn't bring myself to only show you the devastating photos from the tornados that went through the little town of Pilger here in Nebraska.  I have to share some happy photos of a get together we attended up the road at some friends farm yesterday.  
It was a Summer Solstice Party and a Party celebrating their Anniversary. They are the most fun loving, kind, giving couple ever. And boy do they know how to throw a shindig! :)
( oh and we are super excited to find out .. they are expecting their first little one!)

Everything that comes with a get together in the country. Enough homemade food to feed an army.  They had pool set up or the kids, lots of farm animals for them to look at ( including a new baby calf) and an awesome band.

Their home and yard, is the perfect country setting for a get together.

I wanted to give them a little something so I framed this photo of their farm, and added the name and date.  I took the actual photo yesterday to commemorate the day. Good thing they don't live far away... I took it . ..then drove home.. printed it and added it to the frame, before heading to the party :)

It was a great day!


 A little over a week ago the small town of Pilger NE ( about 50 miles from us) was hit by twin tornados.  In the Midwest we are always aware of the threat of tornados and bad weather, but this was one of those times it became very real.. just how quickly bad weather can become very dangerous.

You can read more and see video HERE

( this photo is not mine. found on the internet with no photo credit)

Pilger is a town with a population around 350 people.  Two fatalities ( one a 6 year old little girl) and 16 Critically injured.  It's been just horrible seeing what this community has had to go through. The town as obviously been evacuated and volunteers have been being bused in to help with clean up efforts.   Jarad ( our youngest son), Kate, (our daughter in law) and I, went to volunteer on Tuesday.  Jarad is a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT so he worked with them.   It was a sobering day.  Although it felt good to be with so many amazing people who wanted to help.  Certainly restored my faith in humanity!  Seeing people pull together in times like this to help eachother..... amazing!!

This was laying at the end of main street.
People have been so good about bringing water, shovels, totes, trash bags ect.. 
Sending in monetary donations, on top of coming and physically helping with the clean up.   I'm really proud of my State.

Please keep the people of this little town in your prayers.  The mother of the little girl who lost her life is still in a comma in serious condition, the last I heard. 
I can tell you one thing, after many years of hearing tornado warnings and watches I think I was getting a bit to casual about it.  Not any more!  This has been a sad reminder to me, just what can happen.

Please also pray for the animals who were lost and injured in this tornado. Thanks to social media, there has been a facebook page set up to help reunite pets with their owners.  Also a foster home program for pets of those who lost their home. ( which you know I signed up for :)

Hugs to all of you!



Jean said...

SOunds like a wonderful party. I did not realize those tornados were so close to you. Will be thinking of the people there.

harrahx2 said...

Vicki, what do the volunteers do? It is so sad and yet so amazing how little it takes to take it all away. Out of curiosity, do you have a hurricane shelter? I hope so. Seeing the devastation, I don't want anything to happen to you. Stay safe and figure out a safe haven if needed please?

Gail S. said...

Words cannot describe the feelings I have felt seeing all of the devastation at Pilger as well as Stanton, Laurel and in between. My heart breaks for all of those going through this. June 1, 1990 we had a tornado go through our place. We were not living there yet but there was a farmstead and believe me I know the heartache and shear defeat when one goes through something like this. I remember how grateful we were all of the volunteers that showed up to help us clean up. What you did was so rewarding and so helpful. Bless you and your family for going up there. Sargent had a tornado that night but thankfully it touched down in pasture ground.

Bettyann said...

will keep the people of Pilger in my thoughts...Yes please don't be casual about these storms. take care and know that I was thinking about you when I heard tornados had hit Nebraska.

Debbie K. said...

Cute couple and congrats on the new addition. Great idea of yours to gift them with a photo of their place. They will treasure that forever!

My heart goes out to everyone affected by the tornado. I thought of you when I heard the news that Nebraska was hit hard by it. Sorry I did not have time to check in on you but glad you and yours are fine. Take care!!!