Friday, June 06, 2014

Pet Appriciation week / DogVacay

This week (June 1st-7th)  is Pet Appreciation Week!  I was asked to post a bit on my blog about what I appreciate about my dogs. Well most of you who have visited my blog for any time at all, know that asking me to share about my dog is not exactly a task for me:)  They are part of our family!  
But before I share, let me tell you about bit about DogVacay
They connect dog owners with dog lovers to provide services such as dog daycare and dog boarding.  Here is a little video that explains just what they do and how it works.

They have a Blog that is a fantastic resource guide.  Tons of interesting information!
Everything from Learning Basic Dog Commands to Decoding your dogs body language.

I even found this post... "Best Dogs in Weddings Ever"   Oh..  it's great!

Now.. about Daisy and Molly.

A little bit about Miss Daisy. We have had her about a year and a half now.  We got her at the shelter, and at that time they thought she was maybe a year old.   She is full of energy... and keeps us on our toes. lol   Of course we have been used to having older dogs for some time now.   A few months before Daisy came to live with us, we lost our precious Aly. We had adopted Aly from the Shelter also and she  was with us 14 years. She was more special to us than I can even put into words. Our hearts were broken when she passed. She and my mom ( who had been staying with us) passed the same week.   We still had Molly, but Molly was missing mom and Aly also... so a few months down the road... Daisy came to live with us.  She helped heal our hearts.  And continues to do so!

About Molly...   Oh Moll Dog.  She was a tiny, tiny pup when she came home from the shelter with us.  They told us, she wouldn't get to big.  umm.. they were wrong.  But we love her so much!!  She is now going on 13.  She has some serious health issues, which means we really baby her ( a lot) . That means we  pretty much let her have her way about anything she wants. ha ha   ps. she loves carrots for a treat
AKA - spoiled old dog :)

There are so many things I appreciate about these dogs that I hardly know where to begin.  We have always had pets.  I believe they teach children to kind and compassionate.  It also teaches them responsibility.   Over the years, as our boys were growning up I saw how the dogs comforted them when they went through tough times.
You can always count on your dog being there when you get home.
 Now that both our sons are grown, they both still love animals.
Our son Jarad and his wife Kate have to amazing dogs of their own, Riley and Cloey, who they take with them everywhere.    Weston, our other son considers our dogs, his as well!  They LOVE him!  He takes them with him on all kind of adventures.  He is 100% dog lover!

You can always count on them for a laugh, even on a hard day.

And ... even if you have a bad hair day... they might look at you funny...but they keep their comments to themselves.
There are great to take a Sunday afternoon nap with.
If your sick and have to stay in bed.  They will stay right by your side.
  You have to appreciate that!
One thing I do feel very strongly about, and that is pet adoption.  Please Spay and Neuter your pets. PLEASE adopt from shelters and don't buy from pet stores or breeders.
I have a this photo of Molly on my side bar.  You are welcome to use it on your blog. As a matter of fact .. Molly and I would love it if you did!
The photo of the poster below was taken in PA by a friend of mine who is a animal activist.  I was so thrilled she used it.
Our dogs are a huge part of our lives.  Yes, if you come to our house, you might see dog hair occasionally, squeaky toys on the floor, and have to tolerate a little barking at first. But it's the only way we'd have it. We cant imagine our lives without them.  I don't ever see me with out a dog... ever.

Thank you Molly and Daisy for making our lives complete!

Thanks for stopping by... and remember, an extra hug for you pet today:)



Deb~Paxton Valley Folk Art said...

You are a woman after my own heart Vicki, we have three shelter/stray dogs who have brought more joy into our lives than we deserve. I will gladly take Molly's picture and post it on my sidebar, it is a message that needs to be shared with everyone. Happy Pet Appreciation week to Daisy and Molly and give Molly an extra carrot from me :O) Deb

Janet Taylor said...

I love that you love you fur babies. I never had a dog as a child. My Mom was afraid of dogs. Dad had hunting dogs but You are not allowed to pet them. After I married I had a little poodle named Donino who lived 17 years. He loved everyone but he was my protector and best friend. Then in 1999 I got a little 5 year old rescue schnauzer, Presley, who was like a real child. He was my best friend from the minute I got him. Went through many health problemswith him and lost him 3 years ago at 12 years. I loved him so much and I was getting pretty old and thought I would never get another dog but my heart was so broken and I was so lonely that God found me another little 2 year fur fellow named Hugs. He has been the funniest, sweetest, barkiest, growliest most loved baby that has made an old lady so happy. There are so many dogs that need rescuing that it is good to see how much you love your rescues and encourage others to do so. Sending love to you, your family and your fur babies from Hugs and his Mi Mi.

Laura Strack said...

What a great concept, to leave your pet in a loving home, while you go away. One year, when we went on vaca, I boarded my girls at the vet's office. Never again. They lost weight and were so traumatized. I know they weren't mistreated but I'm sure the other dogs scared the heck out of them and they probably thought we abandoned them. I could see it in their eyes when I picked them up. We have always found a family member to take care of them since, but you don't want to impose, so this is a great idea. Thanks, Vicki! Your babies are so cute!

Country Liv . . . said...

You did it again: What a wonderful post! This one should be published on every Facebook animal rescue page! I am going to link to it in my newsletter and on my blog! Thanks Vic! Awesome as always! Hugs and a hello from Minnie!

Lana said...

Vicki what a Great posting today always great postings but today you hit on a favorite subject of mine!!!!! I loved all the fur baby pictures, you can just see the love in their faces! All of my "babies" over the years have been rescues and they are the best!!!! They give true unconditional love!!!!!
Thanks for promoting this!!!!!!
Hugs Lana

harrahx2 said...

Vic, I love your pups. They each have a photographic personality, Thanks you for sharing,