Friday, July 11, 2014

"Smile" card Fancy Pants Designs "As you Wish Collection"

You can always tell when it's Summer, but looking at how far apart my blog posts start becoming. lol  I'm sure this winter I'll be more willing to spend time inside in my studio, but right now, being outside just seems to be the thing to do.   As much as I love crafting I have been taking time these last few months to really get out and enjoy doing other things I love also.  Time seems to go  by so fast.. I don't want to miss anything.   Now that I'm not traveling as much, I'm really enjoying doing the things I used to do.... cooking, messing in my plants, gardening, and silly things like hanging my laundry on the line.  Yes.. you heard me right.... I love hanging laundry on the line.   I even made some of my moms cherry rhubarb jelly this Summer.  I used her big aqua Club pot to make it in and I totally enjoyed every minute. To tell you the truth, it wasn't even that much about the jelly (although it was pretty good :) it was just the process that I loved.  I really miss her.

Anyway.... I did make a simple card yesterday using the "As you Wish Collection" from Fancy Pants Designs.  I used to be good about having a stash of cards on hand for different occasions ( or just no specific occasions), but I need to work on getting that built up again.  It's great to be able to go over to the drawer and pick out a special hand made card to send isn't it?

Everyday photo for this week......
Wish it was a better photo,but just snapped it with my phone as I was  pulling out of the driveway.  Ditches this time of the Summer are all full of orange lilies.

#2 everyday photo....
Yep... I took a little time for myself yesterday, and got a pedi. What a treat!

I've been talking  a lot about taking time out of my studio to do some things I've really been wanting to get more involved in and this is one of them.   It's called Royal Family Kids Camp.    I've had my interview and will have my training next weekend.  Camp is the last week of the month.  Tonight is the Spaghetti Dinner Fundraiser and Auction to raise money for camp.   If you live close... the public is welcome.  It's at Bluffs Trinity Lutheran  Church On the corner of  County Road 17 and Q.
It's an amazing program that I have always made up baskets for the fundraiser, but like I said, have always wanted to get more involved .  It's a camp that creates a very special week for kids that really deserve a little extra "good" in their lives. Kids that are in the foster care system.  I'm so looking forward to it all!  If you are on facebook.... please like their page. Royal Family Kids


Enough of my rambling for today. I hope each of you are taking time for yourselves and enjoying LIFE!

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Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Love your daily photos. How fun to have lilies growing wild! Don't see much of that in Nevada. What a wonderful way to spend some of your time by volunteering at that special camp. Good for you & the kids. Happy Weekend!

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

Haha! I just had my toes done in that same shade of pink! Love that cute camera card. So glad you are having a good summer! Hugs!

Jean said...

Wonderful card!

harrahx2 said...

Much like you Vicki, I take the summer off and just enjoy. I think we need to replenish our souls that way so we can manage the winter better and enjoy our crafting. You are so good to be doing the camp work. I am, as always, quite proud to call you my friend. I did have to laugh that the picture you took wasn't very good. Your bad pics are way better than my good ones!