Tuesday, July 15, 2014

"Whatevers" TWO July 2014

I have loved being a part of "Whatevers"!  I'm going to miss this mid month fun with these amazingly talented girls ...but I think we've decided we are going to wrap it up.  Remember tho.. there are many, many photos out there that need a story.... so ... carry on

I decided to make a little shadowbox with this months photo.  The minute I saw this photo I knew I was going to use the new Fancy Pants Collection "Everyday Circus"

More than a story... I think this shadowbox just creates a home for the little guy... who I have named
Jessy.  I think he's completely content with the outfit his mother has put on him as long as he has some balloons. So... of course,  I gave him some :)

As for the saying..... quite fitting for my house. lol

Here is this months photo.  For you to use if you would like to play long with us... which of course .. we would love!

You are defiantly going to want to see what the girls did this month.  Here are the links to their blogs.
Nat Kalbach
Catherine Scanlon
Carmen Sanchez
Martha Richardson

I love you girls!

Sending off "Whatevers" with a big hug and kiss!



Catherine Matthews-Scanlon said...

I love how you made a shadowbox from this cute picture! I am really going to miss this project with you each month -- and I do miss you tons!

Nathalie Kalbach said...

What a fun quote! Love love the shadow box - too cute. Thank you Vic for two fun years on the Whatevers!!!

Cuchy said...

It's soooo cute. I love your colorful works.
Thank you so much for this Whatevers' year. I had so much fun and it's been a pleasure playing with all of you.
Loves, Cuchy

Jean said...

So much fun!

Susan said...

This is adorable. And I love the shadowbox! I've enjoyed this series and the interpretations each of you have given to the photos and stories.

Martha Richardson said...

LOVE your shadowbox…so perfect for our last photo/story! Vicki its been my pleasure working with you on so many different projects over the last 5 years. I'm a better artist because of this! Hopefully there will be another project soon. LOVE ;)