Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fancy Pants Designs and Add a little Dazzle blog hop

This week there is a fun Blog Hop going on with Fancy Pants Designs and Add a Little Dazzle. There are some great projects from both teams posted on each blog.  Below is a peek at one of mine and a link to the full project and how to.

Fancy Pants Blog
Add a Little Dazzle Blog

I loved working with Fancy Pants "True Friend" Collection and the Metal Sheets from Add a little Dazzle.  I'd  never used the metal sheets before, and was so intrigued.  I went into this project really unsure of what I was doing and when I was finished ended up really loving it.  Loving the process and the project.   You can see the Full Project and all the step HERE on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.


On a personal note.  It's a sad time for our family.  My brother in law Howard passed away today.
No more suffering for pain.  But please pray for my sis, she's lost her best friend, and her heart is broken.  Our family lost a big piece today.  Howard has been a part of this family longer than I have. Being the baby of seven kids and coming along much later in my parents lives.. (as a bit of a surprise) , I had two sisters already married.    We've had lots of joys in our family over the past few years, weddings, babies... the good stuff.  We're thankful for those.   But it's times like this that it's hard. Hard to let go of people we love and have been a part of our lives for so long .... and hard to watch the ones we love that are left behind hurting.

I'm going to be heading to Florida ( where my sis and her family lives) and will be gone a couple weeks. Wes is going to help Dan out here with the pups and things around here.   I will catch up here when I get back.      

Thanks friends, Vic

Monday, October 13, 2014

Fall Canvas and a Fleamarket recap

We lucked out and had a great weekend for the flea market the weather was nice. Crisp Sunny Fall days!  Lots of people came out.  I'll share lots of photos below, but in keeping with my routine.... first a project.   This is a 16x20 Flat Burlap Canvas.   I used mists to create the background. Stencils, markers and paint for the letters. (Mists for the flower also, as it was originally light pink)

here you can see that the canvas is flat.   Kind of a fun different base to work from. I found them in a number of different sizes at Micheal's.

So , more about the Flea Market.   My friend Lynda hosted it at her place just off hwy 30 Near North Bend NE.   Super convenient as it's just a couple miles from me.  I mostly sold crafts so she was kind enough to let me sell inside her shop with her things,but the entire huge side yard under the trees had many vendors.  I sold most of my big things at my flea market a couple of years ago.

Here are some photos from inside the shop.

You can see the redo of Lynda's home and shop in my previous post.  It's just amazing what they've done.

Lynda has a ton of darling things.  I did  a number of canvases, banners, ect...

So many fun things to look at.

Check out these caramel apples she makes. ( she makes the caramel from scratch)  They are SOOOO good!  She sold over 30 between 9am and 11am lol.

The vendors had a little bit of everything.  I tried to not look too much... and discipline myself. Seriously, I am trying to simplify and have less. If I look... I just know I will find a bunch of things I NEED!! lol    I did pick up a frame, a few vintage juice glasses and a necklace.  Trust me.. that is good for me.  
There was lots of tempting things for a girl like me. yikes!

Something for everyone's taste.

Check out this darling little set.

IF I would have kept looking, my fear was that I'd come home with more than I took!!

There was a constant flow of traffic all day both days.   It was fun to meet new people and to get to see lots of friends!   Which is always my favorite part of something like this.   Huge thanks to everyone who came out, and especially to Lynda and Tom Cerny for hosting such a fun even on their beautiful land.
You can follow Lyndas shop on facebook  "Florals finds and glorified junk"
and if you are on Facebook and aren't already a friend of mine.... please friend me :)

Thanks for letting me share.   Today is chilly and rainy here, and I'm thinking it's a good day to stay in and catch up on some things around here.  I hope what ever your doing to get your week started .... makes for a good Monday!     

Thanks for stopping by!

P.S   I have a project up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog today.   I'd love for you to pop over and leave a comment for a chance to win the True Friend Collection!!   HERE

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

Globe Bowl on a pedestal

Do you ever have something pictured in your mind, even go to the point that you pick up the stuff to make it  ....but then just never quite get to the point of making it happen?  Okay seriously, we all do right? Please say yes, because it seems to happen to me quite a bit.  I had seen a bowl made of a  globe way last year, and loved the look of it. It had pincones in it for Fall and it was gorgeous. I love the blue/aqua colored globes but the other colors like the one below and the black ones really get my attention.  While I was out one day last Fall at the Estate Dispersal Sale I found this globe, and the prince was very reasonable . I was excited to get it. Yay, finally had a cool globe for a bowl. But...
for some reason it just sat and sat on top of my Fall bins in the garage until it finally it  just got packed way with my Fall Decor.  This year when I get my Fall Decor out, there it is. Ugh!  I decided, well, if I'm not going to make something for me, I'm atleast going to whip up a couple of quick bowls to sell at the Flea Market this weekend, because I am not packing these two globe haves away again.
So much for me and my big plans. The saga continues.

Yes, that's one sitting on my dinning room table, and yes it does look like it's staying there... because it is.  Not selling it.... I like it. lol  (Changed plans again).  The one I first saw had a low base but I wanted a kind of pedestal, so I used this candle base I had. I debated about painting it ,but then decided I liked the contrast of the black.  You can use E600 to attach your base.    What did I do with my other globe half?  Well, you know I love my sissy, and she always shares with me :)

I also thought about painting the inside of the globe but thought it might be cool to mod podge some old book print page pieces inside.   I'm glad I did, I love the look.

Anyway, so there is the story of my project that only took a year to complete. lol


What did I do this week?

It felt like it was a week long party.  My birthday was Tuesday, but Dan and I celebrated Saturday night (even if it was just pizza and a movie at home) because thats really our fave thing to do. lol
I got together with my friend Julie for Mexican food Friday night ........ as you can see she always keeps me laughing.  It helps when your being sang too with a sombrero on your head in front of a bunch of people. geeezzzz  lol
   I got to see my old room mate who was in  town from Watertown SD.  And I spent time with a number of my friends over the last few days... and it was awesome!!   ( and it wasn't like it was a special birthday or anything.   Like I was turning 30 or something) hahahah Not even and "0" birthday.    I don't know how I can be so blessed with so many amazing people in my life. Seriously... I am blessed!!!

Jarad had class last night, so he and Kate took me to dinner tonight. It was SO great to get to spend time with them.  Wish Dan could have gone, but he had to sleep to be ready for work tonight :(
Love those kids.
Wes was over and spent some time ( my favorite thing is always time with the kids :)  gave me a gift certificate for us to go to Farmer Browns. I haven't been there for years. Cant wait.

And yesterday my sissy, made made the day fun... we shopped and hung out... had dinner.  It was a perfect day.   So many calls, texts, facebook birthday wishes, ect... I felt totally LOVED! 
THAT is a good feeling!

Remember if you live close Friday and Saturday is the Fleamart.

Fri Oct 10th and Sat Oct 11th
Hours will be 9-6 Fri & only 9-2 On Sat

Forals, finds and glorified junk
 972 Hwy 30  ( just East of North Bend)

If you see this know your there.   Vendors will be our in the side yard..but there will be crafts and things inside also.  That is where I'll be :)

Thanks for stopping by!


Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Fancy Pants Designs "Smile" Card and Fall Flea Market update

You can tell when I'm busy, because my poor little blog gets neglected. So sorry I've been away without even sticking my head in for a quick hello, but I have been a busy beaver.  The Fall Flea Market at my friend Lynda's place is coming up fast. Just a week and a half away now. Oct 10th and 11th.   But I thought I'd pop in and share a card and a couple photos.    This card is made with the
MEology collection .  Love the cheery colors of this line. (especially since I've been working with Fall colors endlessly!!lol

So... I've been working on craft projects of course. Canvases, banners ect.. and then going  through my vintage stuff  that I plan to sell. But  I since I'll be selling the majority of my stuff "inside" Lynda's shop, I also plan to sell, coffee and individual I've been busy baking.  Banana, Pumpkin, Zucchini and Blueberry .  Packing up the deep freeze :)    Lets hope we have a good turn out at the Flea Market.. and everyone is hungry, or we are going to be eating  muffins for a LONG time :)
If you are a follower here , you might remember last year I participated in a Open house at Lyndas Floral shop in town about this time of the year.  Well, since then her and her sweet little family bought this acreage not far from us, just up on the hwy as you come into  town.    I can not begin to tell you how amazed I am at the transformation that has taken place.  They have turned this place into a little haven.  The photos speak for themselves.
  Here is Lynda's Floral shop on the property now.  She is hosting the Flea Market yes, but she has a wonderful full time Floral Business here and does beautiful work!  You can also find her on facebook
Florals, finds & glorified junk

Here is what it started as

I thought you would be interested in the house also.   Before....

and After.
We are talking 5 months!   I don't know how they did it!
It's a gorgeous property!   There is open space for vendors during the Flea Market behind and to the East side of the house.  All shaded with beautiful trees.   HERE is the post I did with some photos from the last Flea Market she hosted. ( which was her first. So I'm sure it will continue to grow).
If you live in the Area, I hope you can stop out

Fri Oct 10th and Sat Oct 11th
Hours will be 9-6 Fri & only 9-2 On Sat

Forals, finds and glorified junk
 972 Hwy 30  ( just East of North Bend)

Fun photo opps too

 Drive on over :)

Hope to see you there!