Friday, January 02, 2015

Altered book for Photo Christmas Cards

Today I thought I'd share the book I started a couple of years ago to add my photo Christmas cards to. I shared it after Christmas last year, but when added this years photo cards I thought I would share again.  It's a good way to save those Christmas card photos you get in the mail instead of sticking them away after they have spent some time displayed on the frig :)
All you need is an old book with a good binding.

You can make the pages as simple or as elaborate as you want.    If you choose to drill two holes all the way through like I did and add rings, you can just punch holes to add larger photos.  ( this works great for the photo cards that have a front and a back)  This way you don't have to glue the back down. You are able to see both sides.

The card below opens so I can see the inside.

If you want you can do more mixed media , art journal type pages  with mists and paints. Add pockets, tags, ect..

Here is an example of one that is just a free page, not glued down. so you can see both front and back
of the card.

Like I said.. you can make it as simple or involved as you want. The idea is that in the end you have a fun altered book filled with photos that you can set out all year for people to see.  I just add to it each year.  It's fun to see how everyone's families grow from year to year.


Did you have a nice New Years?   We decided staying home and relaxing sounded good to us this year. Wes was here for a while, so I made our traditional  Water Chestnuts wrapped in bacon.  Basically had some snackies, watched movies and chilled. 
Yep.... a lot of this.

It was good :)

I hope you had a great New Years , whether you partied all night or stayed home and curled up on the couch :)     Here's hoping 2015 is AMAZING!!

Happy Weekend my friends!


The Sparkly Fairy said...

What a great idea - and great photos. Love the dog too! Happy New Year

Candy Spiegel said...

I absolutely love this book!! Great idea!

Gail S. said...

I LOVE this idea! I now need to gather all of my past Christmas photo cards I received and get this going. Thanks for the great idea!

Anonymous said...

Spoiled pup and love the book! Hope you fill it with beautiful cards.

Linda S. said...

What a great idea, to use an old book as an album. I especially like the idea of leaving the dual sided cards loose, so both sides can be viewed. In a family as large as yours, I can see how this would work especially well, and be a treasure to pass on some day. My best wishes for the new year.

ddlady said...

Loved your idea of using a book to create an album of pictures received at Christmas! Quick question! Do you bake your water chestnuts wrapped in bacon in the oven or cook them on top of the stove. Love water chestnuts and bacon! A very HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU AND YOUR FAMILY Vicki!

ddlady said...

Love your Altered book for Photo Christmas Cards! I have so many of those photos from previous years and now I know what to do with them! Quick question. How do you prepare your water chestnuts and bacon? I love water chestnuts and bacon. The combination sounds yummy. I wish you and your family a very HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR Vicki!

ddlady said...

Loved the Altered book for Photo Christmas Cards. I now know what to do with mine. Quick question.
How do you prepare your water chestnuts and bacon? I love both and can't wait to make some.
Wishes to you and your family for a HEALTHY & HAPPY NEW YEAR Vicki!

Debbie K. said...

Cute book, Ms. Vicki. Your spread looks so yummy and I'm really hungry right LOVE the photo of Daisy. So cute:)
Happy New Year to you and yours!!!

Debbie Kaste