Friday, January 09, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs "Thank You" Card

I love all the Fancy Pants Designs Collections old and new. This is still one of my favorites.Wonderful Day
The bright cherry colors and patterns in this line are just what I'm needing in the middle of this super dreary January we are experiencing here in Nebraska right now.  Lets just say we have had  a  lot of sun-less days lately. A LOT!    You are probably going to see me using bright colors  in my projects for quite a while :)

Products used:  Fancy Pants DesignsWonderful Day Collection
                        Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L Adhesives


I'm pretty excited to announce that Ive been chosen to be apart of the The Little Blue House Media Team.
I'm really looking forward to this new adventure with this fun and talented group.    You'll be seeing me post more about what is going on with The Little Blue House, here on my blog in the months ahead.

What else is new?   Well, mostly I've been staying in and working on purging and organizing my closets, since it's been FREEEEZING here! ( and they really needed it)
I do love organization, but until the last couple of years, purging and getting rid of things wasn't something I was good at.  I was always one to want to keep everything .. thinking I'm sure I will need it, or use it one day. I don't know what happened, but one day that kind of changed and now I'm way better about giving things up. Trust me.. I still have plenty.. but I have gotten rid of a lot.
I finished my supply closet last night. This is mostly class supplies.   I am obsessed with labeling! lol   It's the only way I can try to have some sense of order to what I have, and to know where it is. 
Where we live now, is close to the river so none of the houses hear here have basements ( because of the high water table).  Our other house we lived it before moving here was a big old two story with a basement and a walk in attic.  Lots of room for storage.  Lets just say, adjustments had to be made when we moved here. ( Dan warned me, the garage rafters were at maximum capacity lol) I thought to myself... time for me to get rid of some things. Keep what I really need , love, or that are really important to me  .... and let the rest go.
Organization became a necessity.  A couple of times a year I have to do a little regroup of it all and see what stays and what can go.   I'm dreading the downstairs closet.   ...........ugh... its the worst

I do love how it feels when it's all done. I have two of the upstairs closets done.  I sold a couple of things. I took a couple things to the kids, a few bags to the Goodwill and I have a huge container of samples to sell to the local Scrapbook Store ( when they are back from CHA).  I even got Dan to go through some of his things. (that was the hardest) lol.

Well, if you dont hear from me.. I'm lost somewhere in the downstairs closet. ha!

Thanks for stopping by!
hugs all around!



Katrina Hunt said...

awww!!! I love this card! Congrats on LBH!!!!! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

I am still WAITING for you to come and organize me and visit DC......SERIOUSLY!

Susan said...

Your closet looks great! I am seriously going to start purging in my art room this month. Have way too much stuff and I will never use it all!