Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Bridal shower recap

Hi friends!  We'll the Bridal shower my sis and I put on for her new daughter in law to be turned out well this weekend.  Erin flew back from Denver to be here for the shower, and was excited to see family and friends.
We rented the same clubhouse that we used for Kate and for Neely's Bridal showers. It is a nice place in a central location that works well for everyone.
Erin has chosen a romantic theme for her and Ryan's wedding, so we tried to keep with that theme for the shower. Between my sis (Jan) and I, we always seem to have enough props for decorating, between her stuff and mine.

We used a lot of painted frames to display black and white engagement photos of different sizes.  We  added lace to all or parts of some of the frames.  We had apothecary jars with vintage buttons and tea lights in them, also in the mantle.

I used vintage sheet music and my AccuCut Pennant Flag Die P1317 to cut the banner pieces I put together and strung across the mantle.

I also used that same die to create this banner that I laid out in front of the card basket.

I made signs for the Bride to be, and the mother, and mother in law to be, to reserve their seats.

I used some of the Tim Holtz sheet music washi tape to cover the little tea night candles

My sis has some beautiful dishes.

We got the cakes at Sams Club, and I'm telling you , if you have never had their coconut cake  ... oh my!!  It is AMAZING!   Everyone said the  chocolate was yummy also. I love milk chocolate, but that is too much chocolate for me, so I didn't try that, but it was very pretty.

My sis collects vintage cake plates, so we always have such beautiful ones to choose from to use.  If you click on the photo above you might be able to see the wood pieces that are in the cakes. I found them at Micheal's. 99 cents I think. I hot glued them to dowels and painted them.  One has wedding bells and the other say's "Adore".

Jan and I made chicken salad for croissants.  They seems to go over well.

I found this recipe on Pinterest .   It's just basically cream cheese with (either blue cheese or shredded cheddar cheese) and finally chopped dried cranberries.   Rolled in chopped pecans. Just before serving you add the pretzel stick.  They were pretty good.


Different kinds of Hummus with crackers

fruits and cheeses

Kate and Diana helping with getting the food out :)    Kate had all the games planned and took charge of that. She's so good at that sort of thing. They were super fun games.   Little does she know , now that we know how good she is at it, it will be her job at every family shower from here on out. lol    Diana worked like a trooper keeping the food filled and helping with clean up!  She is a gem!

Below is a photo of the Bride to be , with her mom on the right and my sis .. her mother in law to be . .. on the right.

We are excited to welcome Erin into the family. She is a sweetheart.  It was great to get to meet her family and friends.

Another fun event my sis and I enjoyed putting on together.  She is just the best.

Well..... another bridal shower this weekend. My friend Julies daughters shower.
Then weddings ahead!!!

Love is in the air!

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share :)



harrahx2 said...

You and you sister are amazing. I just want you to decorate my house..........and live next door to me....

Rea' said...

I like your décor and the food ... yummy ! I think showers are so fun to do in themes !

Erin Bomberger said...

What a great shower it was, thanks again Aunt Vicki!