Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fancy Pants Designs Graduation cards using the new "Making Waves" Collection

Well, I don't know about you, but this has been a busy Spring for us.  Bridal showers, baby showers, Mothers Day, and Graduations.  I realized a needed to get busy and make some graduation cards.  

I decided to use the one of the newest collections from Fancy Pants Designs , called "Making Waves".

Surprising how many of the sayings pertained and would work well for a graduate.

I've got nephews graduating this year from high school.  Nathaniel and Sean.  Seems impossible to me that they could be that age already..but they are. 

Like the other Fancy Pants Collections, the line, also has tags, ephemera, buttons, flair, brag cards ect...
You can see the entire collection here  MAKING WAVES
I LOVE the Silver wave print and the Sliver Foil paper with this line!

I have to share a couple of silly dog photos.   The other day I dropped a hot dog bun.  Daisy ... for some reason walked around with it all day ... acting like she was guarding it with her life..but never ate it.   What??  lol

We  worry a lot about Molly as she is getting up there in age, and her health is not good.  She sleeps a lot and just isn't the active dog she used to be....but every once in a while  she is still  silly.  She's been on a kick of laying on her back like this for an extended amount of time.  lol
Our dogs bring  us so much joy, I don't know what we'd do without them.
I still miss Aly so much.  Loosing a  dog is so hard , especially when you've had them for a very long time.  Yesterday my friend Becky had to say goodbye to her pup "Scooter" after 15 years.  My heart hurt for her last night.   Animals become your family.  Loosing them is really tough. Please keep her in your prayers.

On a lighter note.  Friday night I watched Wyatt and Emmett at their house while their mom and dad were at a wedding.  Here is Emmett  schooling me on Skid Loaders.     It's almost embarrassing. lol   I had two boys, you would think I would know these things. lol

I hope your day is wonderful!


Anonymous said...

You always make me smile but the skid roader really cracked me up! Love that paper pack as I am totally a nautical kind of girl! Hugs.

just me... jan said...

Hey Vicki....sweet cards there! But even sweeter dogs...but then I'm a total sap for dogs. Know what you mean about them slowing down...our Domino is getting on in years too...probably won't be around for too many more months...but we take the joy she gives gratefully. Got the banner!!! Decided to hang it in the kitchen window of my MIL's new apartment at Watercrest Retirement Village. We're moving her in next week...it will fit perfectly in the window! Many thanks again for drawing my name...it will be soooo cute in her kitchen!