Tuesday, July 21, 2015

A little more card love

A little more card love today.  Another card created with my "Little Blue Bundle" from The Little Blue House.  You can see all that is included in the Bundle HERE. 
I seriously loved everything in this bundle!  I'll be sharing more projects in my next blog posts :)

Whats been going on with me?

We had a few super HOT day in a row so I had put off running in to town for groceries and things I needed to get done.  Yesterday is was much nicer.  I just had to stop and take this photo on the way home. There where so many geese around the lakes it was crazy.  I had to stop the car and let them walk across the road.
They certainly weren't too worried... and took their sweet time. lol

Last night I worked on emptying my apothecary jars and other glass containers and got them all washed  and packed up. My friends daughter is getting married and they are using them for the candy buffet table.

So....How much time do you think you spend in the kitchen each day preparing meals? I don't cook near as much as I did when the boys were at home , for sure. But today I decided to make potato salad, not something we have often and if we did, I might just pick it up at the deli. I was thinking... This is taking up a lot of my day. lol I made a couple of salads and started marinating the meat for the grill later. I was thinking about what it would have been like for my grandmothers. Everything from scratch, no modern conveniences . yikes! I see some of my FB and instagram friends, and some do their weekly prep and make all their meals ahead. I'm so impressed! Some are single and live is large cities where they have access to great healthy food they can pick up for one... without having to do much cooking at all. I envy that! I get that everyone does what works best for them. With Dan working such odd ( and changing hours) it works for me to have things made ahead in in the fridg, so he can eat when hes hungry. On his days off, we can do meals and eat at the same time. Summer time we grill a lot. So.... My question is ... how much time do you think you have to spend in the kitchen everyday? Defiantly not judging! If I could get by with cooking less I would lol I like to cook at times.. especially bake... but when "I WANT" to do it. lol

I'd love to hear your thoughts

Okay... on with the day.

Thanks .... as always , for stopping by!!



harrahx2 said...

Well, last night I made pork chops with onions and gravy. We rarely eat pork chops so it was a different treat for us. I rely on baked chicken and leftovers for chicken salad or a salad with chicken on top. Then there is always breakfast for dinner...............i get bored easily with food so we have PB7J night sometimes and Cereal night..........On another note, love the picture of the water!!

Linda S. said...

How much time in the kitchen daily?? Are you counting walking through it? I would say probably less than 1/2 hour per day. Probably 10min. of that to make coffee in the am, then re-filling my cup four times, then microwaving something, (likely Stouffer's ) in the evening. Pathetic, I know.

Gail S. said...

Hello Vicki!! I am like you, I certainly don't cook "home made" dinners as much as when the kids were at home but living in the country and no where near any fast food places I still cook probably 4-5 days out of the 7. We raise our own beef so we have that on hand along with pork and chicken when on sale. During the winter time I slow cooker meals while I am gone all day at work so when I get home I don't have to worry about it. Summer time we grill. Love the picture and the card!! Central Nebraska is soooo green this year still. God has been good and blessed us with rains when we have needed them.