Saturday, July 04, 2015

Happy 4th of July! Sharing some Sparkler party favors and a patriotic wreath using Fancy Pants and AccuCut

Here it is... July 4th! Wishing you all a Happy and safe one!   We done have any major plans this weekend.  It was a busy week, so staying home in pajama pants with diet coke and Netflix inst breaking my heart.
I love the photo of Emmett below. It's from last year. He's grown so much!

I'm squeezing in a July Fourth project today.  This one was just up on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.  You can see it here.     I created these little sparkler party favors using the "Making Waves" Collection.

Last week when Jan and I were out "junk'n" I found this white wreath for $1.   I know it's probably meant for a Christmas wreath, but I thought .. why not Patriotic?     I used my AccuCut star die to cut different colored stars from the "Making Waves" Collection and attached them. 

 AccuCut  Star #1

 (Easy enough to take them off and store them in a bag so I can use the wreath for Christmas decor)  I love things like that, that can save space!  Just ask my husband how many bins I have on our garage shelves, of Holiday decor. Yikes! I'm trying to find a way to narrow that down!   Things like basic wreaths are easy to change up with banners ect. I love that.

So.... We had our carpets cleaned yesterday.  I get WAY to excited about this. lol  I don't know what it is, but I really love having the carpets cleaned. :)   Yes... THIS is just how exciting my life is. lol     If you life in the area... I highly recommend  Joel from Advantage Carpet Cleaning.  He does a great job, is so personable and his rate are more than fair. 

Now... working on getting things put back.  I got a new dinning room area rug and a couple other new smaller rugs.  I'll share photos next week when I have everything in it's place again.

What else happened this week? Well, I got to spend a day with this little sweetie.   This is Lyla.  Her Mommy and Daddy live on a farm just a few miles up the road.   Her Daddy went to College with our oldest Wes, and it also a good friend of our youngest Jarad and is wife Kate.  Well..... how about ... they are friends with our entire family and we with theirs. lol    Anyway, isn't she a DOLL?!?

Her daddy is brought me lots of garden goodies also... so it's been good eating around here.
I also have to show you the  new friends I found for my terrarium .   awwwww    I found them at  Hobby Lobby.   When Emmett stops by, he is totally intrigued by the Them.   I was thinking about it, and thought.. If I was a kid I totally would be too!   Then I thought.....  Oh.. I'm an adult.. and I am anyway! lol

Enjoy your weekend everyone!

Happy fourth of July!

And for my Canadian friend who missed my wishes on Facebook early this week, I hope you had a wonderful Canada Day!

Hugs all around!!



Jane Wetzel said... i want a terrarium :) LOVE your life !hugs, jane

Jill Norwood said...

Sweet baby!!!! How fun to watch and play with her! And adorable terrarium too!