Saturday, July 18, 2015

"Oh Happy Day" Card and clear pillow box using "Little But Bundle"

Hi friends!
I spent some time this week working with a super fun bunch of goodies called the "Little Blue Bundle".  It's new from The Little Blue House.   If you click HERE you can not only see what all you get in the bundle for $14.95 but also the project I made with the kit.
Below is just one of the cards I created with the bundle.  I absolutely LOVED everything in it!
I'll be sharing more projects made with this kit as the week goes on :)

The actually clear pillow box below isn't included in the bundle but I thought I'd share it anyway, since I used the papers on it.    If you would like to see some other super cute pillow box ideas, check out what the rest of the girls on the media team created this month also HERE on  The Little Blue House Blog

I had some fun stuff going on this week. Yesterday I went to Lincoln to get to spend a bit of time with some of my AZ family that is was back for a vist.  Most darling little punk'ns ever!

Here is Lucas and Harrison  hanging with their Grandpa. I think Grandma, Grandpa and Uncle Nate are really going to be missing them when they head home :(           For those of you who have been following me ( my blog) for some time.  I'll explain who these family members are.   With me being the baby of seven and coming along much later in my parents lives (surprise!)  Some of my older siblings have children close to my age. Below is Brent.  He is my nephew.  The son of my oldest sister Donna ( who lives in AZ)
He has three Children, Amber , Taylor and Nathaniel.  These two little guys belong to Amber and her hubby, and are visiting from AZ.

Here's Lucas and Amber looking at the lightening bugs he's been catching :)  They don't have those in AZ so he was pretty excited.

Uncle Nate and Lucas are pretty tight, as you can see. lol
It was so great to get to see them all. Kids grow up so fast in between visits.  I'm sure they were sad to leave today but I know their daddy was missing them all.... and them him to I'm sure.

So...... it was a really nice evening................... that I thought was about to turn not so good on the way home from Lincoln last night.  It's only about an hour and fifteen minute drive that I'm sure I've done hundreds of times.     How could I have forgotten that one short stretch of hwy was 55 not 60 mph???    I see this Deputy Sheriff turn around and start following me. I'm like ??  what? I have my cruise set on 60.
All of the sudden his lights come on , and it dawns on me, it's 55 only there.   Thank goodness he was a really nice guy and  just gave me a warning.   Afterwards I said I was really relieved I didn't have to eat my words to my son, (who is a police officer), because the day before I had just said to him, "I've never had a ticket in my entire driving life".  WHEW! That was close.   Thank you nice officer!

So tonight we invited Wyatt and Emmett over for a movie night so their momma and dad could have a date night. They were so cute.  I made a little Concession stand and gave them nickles and pennies to pay for the candies with. They thought it was great.  I love this age, they are still so easily entertained :)

Here's to the weekend!  Enjoy!

Thanks so much for stopping by!


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Jill Norwood said...

Hi Vicki! Love your sweet card and pillow box! And all the family photos! Great idea to have a concession stand! I will remember this and try it someday. And yay for no tickets! :)