Tuesday, August 18, 2015

"This Little Pup" Card

Hi Everyone! Sorry I've been away from here the past week or so , but it's been a busy time.  I'll explain more below.  First I thought I'd show you a card I created today.  Actually I created two different cards with these stamps.  One card to send to our Vet , Dr Grassmeyer and his staff at the Pet Hospital in Fremont  for being so kind and understanding with us while helping us with Molly. They knew it was such a hard time for us and they went out of their way to make things as easy as possible for all of us, and for her.  They knew how important she was to us and that she was part of our family and they treated her as such.  That meant so much to us.

The other card is to thank the staff at the shelter in Columbus.   It's so good to know that there are so many good people in the world that care about animals. And go out of their way to make sure they are cared for while hoping to find forever homes for them.   MANY that volunteer their time for these animals.

After Molly, we were so sad and missed her so much, but really hadn't been thinking it would be so hard on Daisy.  Daisy is quiet a bit younger than Molly was, and Molly was keeping to herself more as she wasn't feeling well. We found out quickly, that Daisy really missed Molly. She was so withdrawn. Not her active, playful self at all.  We have always had two dogs, but wanted to take some time to start watching the rescues for a puppy ... and we weren't in a rush.
Sometimes  things have a funny way of just falling into place on their own. Maybe not at all... the way you had planned.... but they work out non the less.

I happen to look at a rescue website for a rescue in Columbus ( about 40 min from us).   Long story short.... I see the story below.  Keep in mind we had gotten our dogs as puppies so that's what we had in mind. We usually have big dogs ... and certainly never one this small.   But I read this and my heart just broke.  Wes happened to be here for dinner, so I called Dan and Wes   to the computer read it.  To my surprise , they bother said "you need to go get her tomorrow".    What?  

We all just felt we needed to give her a good home. I went the next day.  Collar and  walk chain in hand.

The dogs being compatible  and being able to get along was  our only stipulation, and of course they ( the rescue) want  that also, so it was a trial run.   We prayed it would work out.

It did.

We welcomed "Lily" to the family.   ( new start, new happy life, new name)

And if I thought for one minute "I" was attached to her.  OH BOY!    Dan is smitten.  She is getting babied. 
We are making up for all the love and attention she has missed out on.

Everyday, they get a little more comfortable with each other.   We in the process of expanding the deck, so things are out of sorts in the backyard, but Lily still loves having a fenced in place to run.  Oh.. and they both  always find a  warm sunny spot to lay.

She  is a nervous Nelly for sure.  We have to be patient with her and give her time.  She's been thru so much.
So .. like I said, not in the plans, but it worked out  for all of us.  We love her, and I think she kind of likes us too :)

I've always had this photo of Molly on the sidebar of  my blog.
Please always consider a giving a shelter pet a  home before purchasing from a breeder. There are so many that need homes.
If you would like to use the photo of Molly below on your blog side bar, share it on facebook, instagram or anywhere else, Please feel welcome to.   Molly would want to do whatever she could to help raise awareness for shelter pets.

                                                            In Memory of our sweetest girl Molly.

Thank you!



Tonya said...

Such a beautiful card and touching story...I got teary eyed reading it. I'm so glad that Lily now has a wonderful forever home. <3

McStamper said...

What a sweet story. Tears..So happy that Lily has a wonderful home.

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

This is such a wonderful story for everyone involved. Lily looks like my mother-in-law's dog, Mr. Bean. He was also a rescue dog & needed lots of love, which he gets plenty of & he has become a fantastic part of her life. You and your husband deserve huge hugs. So happy for all!

Debbie K. said...

Oh Ms. Vicki, I am sooooo sorry to hear about your Molly. I've been super busy lately so no time to visit blog sites. Very happy Lily found a good, loving home to be in. She deserves it, poor little girl. We think our Buddy went thru something similar and he's so loving - always wants to be petted and cuddled, even though he's 75 lbs and no lap dog...lol! Just a lover. Rescue dogs are the BEST. Good luck to all of you!