Monday, September 21, 2015

Florals Finds and Glorified Junk Flea market weekend

Hey!!  Before I do my next "crafty" post, I thought I'd just share some photos from the flea market weekend at Florals Finds and Glorified Junk (hwy 30 just East of North Bend NE).     It was such a beautiful Fall weekend for a Flea market.

 Absolutely perfect weather!

Tom and Lynda have such a  great place and in a perfect location, right off the North side of the hwy.  Lynda always has everything done up so cute.
Her little boys were selling the pumpkins, gourds, zucchini and other produce they had grown.

I didn't get around to take photos like I had hoped. I kind of just took photos from where we were.  This guy had some amazing pieces!  I promised myself to try to be good and not come home with more than I sold. lol   I bought a couple of wooden arrows( I'll share a photo in my next post) , but other than that, I did pretty well. ( patting myself on the back).
I have been selling some of my Longaberger Baskets.  I still have plenty, so if there is something your looking for email me.  Selling reasonable.

There was all kinds of fun things to look at and tempt me.  My sis was selling also.  She sold her wicker pieces  right away.

I sold a number of Fall and Halloween banners.     I also sold a lot of canvases.  Those I actually had sold before a ever got to the flea market so, that was  awesome.

Like I said, it was just an enjoyable day.

This is Lynda's darling little potting shed!!!

This is where Jan and I were set up.   Just past the awesome truck, right at the entrance.

Jan and I were both happy to have cleared out some closet and garage space and made a few $ .   This flea market was just Sat, so Sunday was just spent putting a few things a way and chilling out.  Dan had to work this weekend so I was on my own for dinner.  So you can imagine I was  thrilled when Wes showed up and offered to grill.  YAY!!!   No cooking for me! And he's always good about cleanup also.

It was just all around a nice weekend , spend with Jan and Keith, ... and Wes.    And running into all kinds of nice people at the flea market.  You cant beat that!

I'll be back with a crafty post to share, but I'd love it if you'd pop over and see my project up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog today HERE.




Isla said...

A lovely warm and fuzzy, feel-good post! Really enjoyed reading it - I was almost there with you!

Anonymous said...

Loved the pics have the best fun!

Gail S. said...

What a pretty place and it looked like it was a fun weekend!!