Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Mini Canvases using Fancy Pants Designs and Sharing Autumn Decor

I think I have found a new love.  Well, I already love creating on canvases, but I have had a stash of these little flat 5x7 canvases in my supplies for some time that needed some love.  I used Fancy Pants Burlap and Bouquets Collection, Brag Cards as my focal point for these canvases.

These canvases are inexpensive, and you can find them almost anywhere... even the Dollar Store.  Sometimes do you think about how much  time ,effort and love you put into making a card? And if your lucky the person  saves it.  Why not make it into a little piece of art they can set out and enjoy for a bit?

You could also add a little hanger to the back so they could be hung on the wall.

This Brag cards  are just adorable.  Once you add the card, you can embellish all you want or keep it  simple like I did with the one below.

The Fancy Pants Blog is always full of inspiring projects if you have time ... check it out :)

Those of you who have been readers of my blog for a while now, know I have been on a mission to simplify.  Simplify in many different aspects of my life.  Purge.  Have less.  Keeps whats really important,... get rid of the rest.  This is a HUGE step for me, because I have always been a  keeper and a saver of all things!  I've always liked organization, but I like STUFF!     I have really been working on this.  It feels good to get rid of things now. That's not the biggest problem. The biggest problem is convincing myself I don't need  every other cool thing I find at a fleamarket. lol     I do love decorating. And I love decorating by being thrifty or repurposing something.  That's the fun of it all!  Nothing like a good deal!
I could tell when my decorating taste really started to change.  I defiantly started liking things more "simple" than before.   I enjoy decorating for Holidays but I don't begin to put out decor anything like what I used too.
I thought I'd share some photos of my simple "Autumn" decor.

That arrow IS from the flea market last weekend. ( hanging head in shame)  ...but I just couldn't resist!!

Luckily the colors in my living room and dinning room are "Fallish".  I just change out the Spring/Summer Flowers and photos to Fall.

It's not feeling like Fall in the house without a  Mulled Cider candle or two burning, and some bittersweet.

I made this simple circle garland last year.  I'm so glad I decided to save it, I still love it.
I always leave my fiesta dishes out on the counter.  Once because that's what we use.. and two, because they are too pretty to put in the cupboard lol   I just put the red and  aqua ones away and left these more Fall colors out.

My sis, turned me on to these fun pillow covers you can find at Hobby Lobby.  I just change them out for the Season. They are inexpensive and are often 40% off.    When you use the same pillow form and just change out the covers, it saves you so much space.  You only have to pack away the covers.

My little crow sits happily in the wreath by the front door.

And , how lucky am I? my friend Karen grew gourds this year.... and shared her bounty!!  Arent  they beautiful?

The little scarecrow couple stands out at the edge of the yard.   ( They don't scare my enough to keep me out of there, but that poison ivy  does!! )

I love Fall.  There is one thing I always miss when this time of the years comes.  That is the drive  mom and I would take each Fall to the Apple Barn.  We would get apples for mom to make pies.  Have cider, and enjoy the beautiful ride there and back.
I can remember taking the photo below, just like it was yesterday.  I asked her to stand there so I could take her picture.  As crazy as I'm sure she thought I was with my photos, she humored me.  I'm so thankful now for these photos and these memories.

Take photos my friends.  Don't just take them... print them off.  It's important

Thanks for letting me share



Anonymous said...

Love the picture of Mom and your decorating, much like mine is simple and perfect. (Well mine's not perfect...) I have a photo to post of your cylinder jar you sent. I keep it out and decorate it by season. Will post soon! Love you~

Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

I absolutely love Fall decorating & yours is without a doubt gorgeous! Thanks for sharing and sharing the wonderful picture of your beautiful Mother. Hugs.