Thursday, October 22, 2015

Cards and Cookies

Boy it seems like I cant keep up with the cards I need lately.  I need to get a stock pile ahead this winter I think. It would certainly be shameful for me to send a store bought card with this room full of paper and stamps. lol   I guess I've been spending all my time outside enjoying the nice weather, knowing there will but plenty of cold wintery days ahead for inside card making.

Speaking of nice days.  We actually got to spend a nice evening out on the new deck. We grilled and watched a movie on the new screen Wes gave Dan for fathers day.  It was a PERFECT night for it.

Yesterday  the weather cooled off substantially, so I'm glad we got that chance to be out and enough the deck, since for the most part we'll have to wait until next Summer. Daisy must have been chilly or something?  Why bother sleeping in her own bed .. that is actually her SIZE. lol   I guess she likes Lily's bed better.

Chilly days are always good for baking. This is my favorite Chocolate Chip cookie recipe.  I made these JUMBO :)

I've been baking these since the kids were little. MANY times!
I always take them out of the oven before they are really brown, so they are soft and chewy.

Hoping it's been a good week for all of you.   Hang on the weekend is coming!

Thanks so much for stopping by!



Anonymous said...

Give that pup some extra love. Thee is a new baby in the house and just like children, they older siblings need extra care! Love the card and the scallops! Loved my cookie. Thanks for sharing. I will call ahead for the next batch. Now get in your craft room and get ahead
on those cards!

Lana said...

Vicki I just love your blog the projects are awesome and the photography of your trips, home, family etc are so GREAT. I love visiting you through it. My heart is always with your pups I am a dog lover and they always touch my heart thank you for sharing so much of your self with us in blog land. I feel as if I know you and wish you lived closer tome so we could stamp and hang out together LOL
I do have a question on your yummy looking cookies what shortening do you use for them?
Hugs and blessing to you!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Lana, I'm so glad you asked me about the shortening. As I went back and looked at the recipe, I realized I had missed something. Even tho I thought I had double checked it multiple times :( It is 1/2 cup Shortening AND also 1/2 cup marg or butter. For shortening I use Crisco. I've edited the recipe on my blog. I'm so sorry if anyone tried baking them before I got it edited!

Lana said...

Thank you so much Vicki for the answer about the shortening!!!! I look forward to making them after grocery shopping later this week yum I can almost taste and smell them baking LOL!!!!!!
Hugs Lana