Saturday, October 03, 2015

World Card Making Day with Fancy Pants Designs

It's World Card Making Day!  Today over on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog we are celebrating with lots of fun cards..... so I'm hoping you'll pop on over and check them all out.  HERE
Great cards the girls have shared using the "Flutter Collection".
Here is mine. 

I hope your week was a good one.   We are still trying to get our deck and door projects finished. We are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.  Good thing, because who knows how much longer the weather will hold out. Not fun working outside when it's cold.
The deck still needs to be power washed and stained.  Staining will be a big job.  I just know we are glad the construction part of things is pretty much done.

We might not get to use it this year...but we will break it in good next year.

Really, the deck and door construction have pretty much been what we've been up to.  Oh.. and cleaning up the mess at the end of each day.  

For Throwback Thursday this week on Facebook instead of a photo I posted this article.  I wanted to share it here also.     Those of you who have been visiting my blog for some time, have probably heard many stories about my mom and seen many photos of her.    Well my dad was the second half of that amazing duo.  He unfortunately has been gone many more years thanmom.  He passed away back in 1986.  I loved him with all my heart.  He was an amazing Dad!   Hard working , determined, loving, friendly, funny guy who would do anything for his family and friends. No one ever stayed a stranger from him long.  He was a character!  My mom was the quiet dad would talk to any one any time and say anything he felt.
He loved his family endlessly.  And my mother... well she was his world. In the end it was her he wanted by his side.  As always.. she was.  They were an amazing team.     I could go on and on about my parents. I admire them more than  anyone.  I was so blessed to have them as parents.     I think of them everyday.
Every milestone in our family and wish they were still here to share with us.   But I know they are watching.
Now that I have myself all teary. (geez)     I started out just wanting to share this article.   I was only a year old , so I don't remember it , but I know all six of my siblings do... and how scary it was.

I can remember when the photo below was  taken like it was yesterday.  I was Christmas Eve.  As always, all of us and our kids. ( probably 25-30) at the time, were in mom and dads rec room in the basement opening gifts.  I think that us kids had gone together to get them a microwave ( when microwaves first came out).  Some when went to take a photo of mom and dad. Dad picked up the Styrofoam from the inside of the box and put it up to them , so it framed them , and gave momma a kiss on the cheek.   I LOVE this photo!

My dad was not physically a big man.  But he was larger than life!

If you have a memory of your dad that you'd like to share..... just anything, even a silly story. I'd love to hear it!  Please share :)

Thanks for stopping by and letting me share.


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Anonymous said...

Well is a great memory of my dad. He was an archer and he was a champion all over New England at every archery course. He was also a deer hunter with the bow. My funny story though, is when I was badgering him. I was pretty young and he was working on the outside of the house. I kept asking if things were hard or soft. He kept saying sit on it and see. I think he had stopped listening to me after about the 10th time and I asked if glass was hard or soft......yep, he told me sit on it and I did. I have a cool scar to remember it by. I think he listened better after that, LOL. I loved him so much and miss him to this very moment.