Sunday, November 29, 2015

From Thanksgiving to Christmas in a flash

Well, It's that crazy time..... it's the jump straight into the Christmas Season after Thanksgiving time. I'm usually pretty much about riding Fall out all the way through Thanksgiving before starting my Christmas decorating.  This year I jumped in head first the day after Thanksgiving. I know I have lots on the calendar in the next few weeks so I better get in gear :)
Over the Summer I found this white ( kind of cello) wreath at a sale for $1.  I knew just what I wanted to do with it. Today was the day. I pulled out my box of Vintage Shiny Brites and 10 minutes later... YAY! I love it! Shiny Brites just make me HAPPY, and this white background shows them off perfectly.  The only thing that makes this even sweeter is that it was a bargain!

Thanksgiving was a bit different this year.  Because of bad weather we couldn't get together like we usually do with all of the extended family. I was bummed, thinking Dan and I were going to be sitting here with two turkeys, 3 pumpkin pies and a crazy amount of potatoes, gravy, stuffing and green bean casserole with just us two. But as you can see from the photo below ... the kids made it here.  It was so nice!  The first time ever it's been just our family on a Holiday. I missed seeing all the rest of the family but we will see them all on Christmas Eve, so we'll be looking forward to that.
The guys are always giving me a bad time about taking photos .. so here is the the one photo I have of the day.... taken with my phone. Dans not smiling ... the photo is blurry... but it will commemorate the day lol.
Next time I'll have camera in hand no matter how much they complain. So there ( sticking my tongue out)

Wes and Amy had to work overnight, so they came straight here and slept about 3 1/2 hours before Jarad and Kate got here and we were ready for Dinner.  We were watching the weather and thought we better eat incase Jarad and Kate needed to head back home to beat the ice storm.    So it turned out we had a few really nice hours together before they needed to get on the road .
Amy's family are all from California so we were Thankful she could be here with us.
It was a tossed together day with a lot of last minute changes, but in the end we were together and that's all that matters.   This momma was happy.

We ate , and ate, and then had pie.  Then napped.

So pretty much a perfect day. lol

Hoping your Thanksgiving was a good one also.

Glad you stopped by. Thanks, Vicki

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Troy Louise Seegmiller said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your immediate family. Sometimes those are the very best! Your pies look so delicious! Hugs.