Monday, November 23, 2015

"Thankful and Bessed" Canvas

Hi everyone! Boy here we are the week of Thanksgiving here in the US and I still have two Thanksgiving posts to squeeze in before Thursday.  I better get busy.  It's going to be a busy week.   I've been meaning to share this simple canvas I made using a free printable from Eighteen 25
So generous of them to share this gorgeous printable for free
If you need a little something for last minute you go.  I had this old canvas in my "repurpose bin" that I used.

Super simple, I just printed it off on cardstock, matted it on some pretty papers, and embellished with ribbon and sequins.

It was very pretty without the sequins but I really love how it looks with them now also!

Of course you can print them any size.... so you have a lot of options :)


Friday we had our first real snow.  They kept talking about it and it just wasn't happening, so I decided I had time to run into Fremont ( about 20 miles one way) to get some of my Thanksgiving groceries out of the way.
Next time I need to just wait.  Because by the time I got back home I was driving in this.  Luckily home is just a left turn at that stop sign.   It wasn't fun.

But it didn't last long. Late afternoon it was over and this is all we got.   I took this photo with my phone while sitting on the couch.  This is looking out the front livingroom window.

I was really curious how Lily was going to deal with the snow and the wind, since this is our first winter with her.  She hates being cold so I was concerned we were going to have trouble getting her to go outside.  When the snow and wind whip our here they really whip!  They both went, but were back up at the door and ready to come in the minute they did their business.  I don't blame them lol

By yesterday all the snow was gone for the most part.   I ran over to your neighbors Andrew and Kates to snap a few family photos for them.  They are just the most darling little family ever.  Andrew and Wes met in College and have been friends for years.   It just so happened that they ended up buying a farm just up the road a ways from us.   

Kate, Andrew and baby Laya

Just another thing to be thankful for this week of Thanks.

I'll be back with another post tomorrow, so please stop back by.


I love that Nova ( the dog) had to be in the top photo... and one of the cats in this one.

I'm so impressed with how this young family gardens and  cans.   Andrew showed me some of what they did this Summer with their produce. WOW!    They shared Apple and Peach Butter with me and some farm fresh eggs for my Thanksgiving baking.  Lucky me!

That is quite a Bounty!
And doesn't it look pretty with the light shining on it?


Jane Wetzel said...

oh yes! Another fabulous post for sure. LOVE your neck of the woods and Happy Thanksgiving! huge hugs!

Anonymous said...

that is incredible, all those preserves! I so wish I had talent, Love your pups.....not ready for the snow! Happy Thanksgiving with love Vic.