Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Fun Holiday ideas for the kids

Today I'm sharing some simple projects for the kids.  One project for the kids and one the kids themselves can make with your help.  Both are really easy.
The  boys were coming by today after school for a while while their momma ran into town to get a couple of things done so I wanted to get busy on these while I was watching tv last night.
I made the little snowman ornaments the boys are holding but if we would have had more time today I would have totally had them make them.  They would be a great kids project, with just a bit of help and supervision. Especially if you choose to use a hot glue gun.
As you can see, Emmett is wanting to show off not only his ornament but his candy. lol   I love his little tum tum showing :)   I simply adore this two!

I've seen these done a number of different ways.  You can cut a paper hat for the snowman if you want, but if you are having the kids do it, running a piece of ribbon across the top and adding to pom poms on the  sides to make it look like ear muffs, is really easy for them.  You can use a black sharpie for the eyes and mouth dots if you want. I used enamel dots. ( don't use Stickels) I learned the hard way, that when it dries it will just come right off.  Makes sense with it being a non porous surface.   There are tons of fun ways to do these ... check out Pinterest.

The other thing I did FINALLY lol was alter this Advent box.  It had been in my box of "things to alter" FOREVER.   You can find these easily. I think this one was from Micheals.   
There was a time when I thought everythingI created  had to be made with the most current papers and I had to do it up top notch.  Spend hours on it.   I realize now... sometimes it just doesn't have to be. It's okay... chill.  Just enjoy the process.  Use things up.  Look how happy these two little guys are with a simple painted box.  I painted the boxes, because it was so much less time consuming than cutting and adding papers.  The numbers I used  I dug out of a bin of old stuff. ( old Foofa la numbers from  about 10 years ago) seriously.  The little embellishments are pieces that came with some Christmas buttons I just bought, but know I probably wouldn't use for anything else.

You could actually do this project with the kids also, and then just fill it yourself later, so it's still a surprise when they open the drawers.     

Here is a close up.  Nothing super fancy... but it serves the purpose and made them pretty darn happy.

  I  put two of everything in each drawer ( since there are two of them).   I didn't put candy in all of them. Some have candies, some quarters, some stickers, some bells, miniature deer, little cars ect..

I think it is going to be VERY difficult for Emmett to restrain himself and only open one drawer a day. hahah



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Debby said...

I love the little snowman. I hope you are well and enjoying the holidays. I have been gone for awhile but I am back.

Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love the place you are in right now. So relaxed, happy and at ease. It's wonderful! Can you bottle up some of that and send it to me? LOL The grandgirls would get a kick out of the snowmen, so that's on my list. And the Advent box is sooo cute! Thanks for sharing these ideas...and for sharing a wonderful sense of peace with me this morning. I needed it!

Anonymous said...

Vicki, I love how you think. This is a wonderful gift for boys as they are hard to buy for. The picture is adorable and the box will be a warm memory for them for years to come. You can even play a game with a special prize behind one number and they get to choose a number until they find it. That box is full of love and memories and I love the tea lights with earmuffs!