Sunday, December 20, 2015

It's Christmas time! Lots to share

I'm sure the way time is getting away from me, this will probably be my last blog post before Christmas so I have a lot to squeeze in.  You've been warned :)   First I have a card to share.  Again using my very favorite Christmas collection. "Wish Season" From Fancy Pants Designs.

Last week was Craft week with the girls so I put together some little gift containers. I actually found these little box containers at Walmart. I sure had fun filling them with goodies and dressing them up a bit.

I also found  these festive Holiday scissors.  So I used  the Crafty Secrets Creating with Retro Christmas CD to make a fun little tag for them.

We met in the town that Karen lives in, about 30 minutes from here and took in lunch and a little shopping first.  Julie bought this cute "Grandma" towel for my sis.  My sis is a grandma for the first time this Christmas!

After a bit of shopping and a nice lunch, we headed back to Karen's for some painting. Karen lives on a farm, and it's just such an adorable place. Weather wise it was a miserable dark, rainy day, but I defiantly want to go back when it's Summertime and take some photos. It's a beautiful farm.  The canvas I choose for us to paint was something I found on Pinterest. It was actually a card.  I would love to give credit for the design, but every link I found only took me to others to had used the design, not the original person.   SO... whoever you are that came up with this clever snowman... thank you for the inspiration. We just turned it into a canvas :)

I had a number of different sizes of canvases, so everyone chose what worked best for them.   We were so lucky that Julies daughter Michelle was able to join us. She and her husband live in New York and are just back for the Holidays.  It was so fun having her there!   If you are a follower, You might remember her wedding over the Summer.

Here is my canvas I had painted for the sample before we got together. I didn't paint another one while we were at Karen's. ( Gives me a more time to just talk lol)

Okay, on to the next thing I wanted to share. Every Holiday I share some photos of the  house decorated. I said I was going to share some, and it's crazy but I've hardly taken any.   I'll share a few I have.  I might have shared the one below already, but it's shows the living room the best.  ( note: Lily thinks she is the Queen)

I found this little vintage Police car ( since one son is a police officer), but I needed a fire truck since the other son is a volunteer Firefighter EMS.  I ordered one from ETSY and it just arrived. I tied a little Christmas tree on the top of it. I just haven't gotten a photo of it yet :)

This is the top of the china cabinet.

I thought I'd show you some of my favorite vintage figurines.  These two little angels carrying the tree is one of my very favorites!

Neely gave me these little vintage sweeties last year. They are name place card holders.  Each one is so sweet and unique. They still come in the original box.

Here sweet little face ... oh my.
I've had this one quite some time.

This little caroler  is special because he was  a keepsake from my brother in laws mother who has passed away.  ( if you turn him around , he has a sling shot in is back pocket :)

 This also.. either sits in a prominent place or hangs on the tree.   It has for the last 29 years.   29 years ago today my Dad went to heaven.  I think of him so often and still miss him so much.  That's how it is with parents I guess. You just always miss them, especially during the holidays.   Makes my eyes teary when I think about it.   But I know mom is with him now. I always picture them dancing . They loved to dance.
How blessed I was to have  such amazing parents.

I'm hoping you have a wonderful  week ahead and a Christmas that is everything you want to be.

Merry Christmas to you all!



Jane Wetzel said...

incredibly in every picture here :)

Rea' said...

Very pretty vintage decorations; reminds e of my grandmother's !

Anonymous said...

How beautiful Vicki, a post that contains creativity, beautiful sharing and friends and family. Sending my love to you!

Debby said...

Love that card and your painting. Beautiful decorations. Have a wonderful Christmas.

Susie W. said...

I've fallen so far behind in reading blogs, these past couple of months. I'm SO happy that I stopped by to read this post. I love that you shared a little about your painting group, but especially...I love seeing your vintage Christmas decorations and you talking about missing your parents. As I read that, I got misty eyed thinking about how much I miss mine. What a blessing to have them for as many years as we did.
Merry Christmas Vicki and may God's Peace be with you all!

janel said...

Merry Christmas to you. Every picture conjured a memory for me. Love your blog, love every post. Thank you for sharing your family, your love and your art. I hope this is a Christmas filled with love and peace.

Gail S. said...

You look like you all had so much fun!!! Love all of your pretties around your home for Christmas. You and I have the same tastes - I especially love the cake plate and "cloche" winter scene. Merry Christmas.