Monday, December 28, 2015

Painted Herringbone canvas

Well, I've been busy busy putting Christmas things away, and when I do that, I find myself wanting to change things up a bit and not put things back just as they were before the Holidays.  I love moving things around but I also love digging thought my things and making something old , new again with paint , fabric, ect.    Canvases are so fun and inexpensive, and there are so many things you can do with them. They are my favorite "go to" when I want to create something new for the wall.
I have one spot at the bottom of the stairs that I usually always hang a canvas, because there is a phone jack that is high up on the wall, and it's hard to cover with a flat picture.  A canvas works great there, because it has and open area that allows for that jack. ( hides it well).    I usually have a seasonal canvas there, but I decided I have enough going on, on the dinning room walls, so I thought I'd go with just a design for the canvas in this space.  No saying , no words, .. just design.

I made this simple herringbone pattern just using masking tape.   I chose 5 colors of acrylic paint that I liked and just alternated them in the open spaces.

Quick and easy. Something new to look at for a while and for very little cost.   ( see the cord coming from the phone plate I was talking about?) grrr drives me nuts.

So.... we were all prepared for the big snow storm we were supposed to get today.
We ended up with not much at all here.  Glad that the roads are safe for everyone getting back and forth to work.

But, it is COLD and the wind is blowing like crazy.  Poor pups. They get their business done and are right back up to the door waiting to get in.

The last of the Christmas decor is still up outside, but it will just have to wait because I'm like the dogs.... it's just toooooo cold our there!

Even though it we didn't really get snowed in today. We lived in the country so I just pretend. lol I stayed home and wore pajama pants all day and it was awesome!  Life is good!

Might have another pretend snow day tomorrow lol


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Anonymous said...

Nice that the weather held off so long and now I can handle just a little snow, although we have had none yet! So glad to see Lily knows she is home. You can tell when she looks in the door, she just knows you will be right there for her. Love the canvas. Have a great day and stay warm!