Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Fancy Pants Designs card trio using "Happy Place" collection and girls craft day

I was waiting until after our second craft day today to share photos of our get together and projects, but we were snowed out :(     It was snowy and slick out this morning so we decided we would wait for better weather another day.     As much as we look forward to our get togethers , it's not worth taking chances on bad roads. January in Nebraska is always unpredictable.    I decided I just go ahead with a blog post .. share a few new cards and then photo of the craft day last week.

These cards were created with the  "Happy Place" Collection from Fancy Pants.

I cant get enough of this collection. I will be using every last little scrap :)

Beautiful bright colors with the black and white contrast, is just so eye catching.

I'm so excited to see the new collections Fancy Pants is about to release.  I have to tell you , I've been creating with FP products since the very beginning ( I've been on the Design Team for over 11 years) and never once have I tired of their designs.  I don't know how they do it, but it's new and fresh every since time. I know I've said it before, but about the time I say, "this is my favorite collection", they come out with another I seem to love even more.  

The photos below are from our craft day last week.  We were so happy that Amy ( Wes's girlfriend) was able to join us.   Amy and Julies work schedules seem to be just opposite each other, so that's why we chose to get together on two different days... so that we could craft with each of them.

Break out the canvases and paints!

Amy used the Hazel and Ruby stencils to create a canvas with her favorite activities.    She's a crafting natural!

It turned out so awesome!

Karen and I worked on  masking off and painting these herringbone canvases like I shared here on my blog a while back.

This is the one I created and shared  a while back.
Karen worked on one for her Grandaughers room. I LOVE the bright colors.  She had picked out all the paint colors ahead to match her room.

Jan worked on cutting out felt flowers for making a pillow like the one I had shared a week or so ago.
It's a AccuCut Flower die that we used.  You can see the entire post where I talked about making the pillow HERE

As always, it was a super fun day.  I am so lucky to have such great friend... who love to craft like I do.   It was a bummer that we couldn't meet up today , but we will reschedule.   Here's the other problem.... I have a dozen of these yummies sitting here now. YIKES!   Better get some in the freezer quick. That is too much of a temptation.  I had ordered these from the Corner Cafe here in town.  I picked them up at 7am this morning and they were still warm.     I cant begin to explain the delishishness of these!   ( yes... I say delishishness is a word) lol.

Oh... sometimes small town life is so good

Thanks friends... for stopping by and letting me share.
Hugs all around.



Jane Wetzel said...

i really like this Fancy Pants collection! love craft day with my art girls too :)

Anonymous said...

Amy is a great fit in the family! Love what she did. I HOPE you ate one of those lovely pastries while it was warm? You better have! In fact, you should eat two, one for me and one for you! Love the art, the cards (that arrow is so cool) and all your work!