Friday, February 05, 2016

"Hello" Card ... and winter in Nebraska

Well, Nebraska has reminded us ...  just incase we forgot... that it can get serious about snow.  Blowing snow.. and lots of it.  We stayed inside yesterday and today.  Once the snow stopped blowing today, dad got the snowblower out and went to work, but we didn't venture out on the roads. We had prepared so there really was so reason to go out, we had everything we needed.   I thought I'd spend more time in my craft room , but for some reason I didn't.  For the first time ever that I know of, the plant where Dan works even closed so we just hung out here , watched movies and putzed around the house.
Thought I'd share one of the cards I made when I was Guest Designer for Cocoa Daisy.  There was so many gorgeous things in this kit!  Cocoa Daisy Shop
The bow is my die design from AccuCut .

The first photos I wanted to share are some that I took last week. I woke up early one morning and looked out the window to see everything was covered with this beautiful frozen fog.   I'm a night owl, so trust me .. it has to be pretty amazing for me to want to grab my camera and go out in the cold. lol   I did!    This photo is right on the corner by our house where the two county road intersect.

This was seriously like a winter wonderland.  It was SO quiet!  I wished I had boots and was dressed for it , because I really wanted to just go walking out there. It was SO beautiful.  The photo doesn't begin to capture it.

The sun came out and the sky was so blue!

Fast forward from those photos of last week to these of yesterday and today. That snow was really coming down.  And later in the night it started blowing like crazy.

We stayed in , watched movies, played with the dogs, and stayed warm.

I don't know if it's just a guy thing or what, but I have to laugh because when ever the weather is bad,  Dan walks back and forth from window to window looking out .. just like my dad used to do. lol

Dan got the drive cleared just in time.  Andrew ( family friends and neighbors up the road a few miles) called and wondered if I could watch Lyla for a bit so he could go get Kate she was stuck in Fremont.

Well, of course!  How could a turn down this sweetness?!?
She is just so adorable.

I loved every minute. She didn't card if I had no make up on , had messy hair and pajama pants on lol.  My kind of company :)

It was a great bright spot in the week.  I've started and stopped this blog post a few times with all that's been going on.  I haven't shared here but my dear friend Debs husband has been very ill. They found out just a few weeks ago he had cancer after going in with back pain.  He passed away yesterday.  My heart is just broken watching what my friend is going thru right now. I'm trying to be there for her as much as I can but I cant take that horrible hurt away.  Please keep her in your prayers.

Thank you so much.



Marlene (cards4u) said...

So sorry to hear about your friend- will be praying for her and you too. Already you're doing the best thing you can do by simply praying and being there for her. I'm sure she feels very loved by you! You have a real gift of showing people what is really important in life. Love the photos and the sweet card. Stay warm and safe!


Very pretty snow pictures and of your sweet grandgirl :) I don't leave many comments, however I do enjoy your blog.
Keep warm,

Karol L said...

So sorry to hear about your friend, I will keep them in my prays as I know the pain of losing someone to cancer. Your snow pictures are just beautiful I miss snow like that we moved from Colorado a few years ago and nothing beats mother natures beautiful winter pictures.
Stay warm and I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful creations

Anonymous said...

Whoa, starting with the sad, prayers for comfort and finding peace for you and your friend. that is painful to read,never mind live through. Love the pics of winter, so peaceful. Love the card and the shot of dan is frame worthy! Hugs Sweetie!