Monday, February 01, 2016

New cards to share

Sorry I've been away for a bit. Sometimes life happens and it needs attention first :)  But here I am with a couple of  cards to share using a new AccuCut Die.   It's a super fun fold out card that has included mat shapes can be used either on the outside or inside of the card. 
* Paper and stickers used for this card are from Adornit

I did a number of samples for AccuCut using this die, but in the one below I wanted to show how it could be used to send a photo. For and announcement or just for fun.
( that adorable little family in the photo is my niece Neely, her husband Alan, and new baby Tennessee :)

I love how the mats can be cut for use on the inside or the outside of the card.  Sorry, I always try to list the papers, but this was a mix of this and that. The stamps are from Pink Persimmon.

This is a super fun folding card, I'm sure I'm going to be using a lot :)

Last week I spent time straightening up in my work space.  I am working on some scrapbooks for someone and I need a table in my room to dedicate just to that.  It was time to get things tidy and in order before I bring in a bunch more stuff to work on their things.  I have a lot of stuff in a not so big space.. so keeping things organized for me is a big thing. Otherwise is chaos the minute I start digging in to supplies looking for what I need.  It's a pretty big job that I took on ... fingers crossed!

Everyone is bracing themselves for this big storm we are supposed to get tonight.  We never really know until it's happening do we. lol   I always just worry about everyone who has to be out on the roads.  My guys AND everyone else. I'm sure Kate ( our daughter in law who is a teacher, will have a snow day).  At least I wont have to worry about her on the roads.  Dan and the boys both have a commute to work that worries me. Everyone stay safe.

As for us.... we will stay in and hold down the fort.
( see Daisy photobombing Lily) lol

I'm hoping to get some scrapbook pages done.  If I don't get inspired I will just snuggle with the pups on the couch with a good book or a movie.  I'm okay with that also :)

Thanks for popping over .... it means so much to me.



Anonymous said...

Love the cards and Little Ms Lily is settling in quite nicely!

Jane Wetzel said...

cute creations as usuall :) and i love your pups so much! gotta tell you..i am depressed looking at your organized space...gees...i NEED so bad to do this. i also have a small space and have a hard time getting rid of things..any hints from you would be appreciated!

lee woo said...

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