Tuesday, February 23, 2016

" You are Great" card

 I have been a bad, bad blogger lately :(   The blog has gotten neglected a bit while life took over. As some of you know my dear friends husband passed away recently very unexpectedly.  It's things like that that make you stop and readjust again. Prioritize. Putting the important stuff at the top of the list again.   I know these days are hard, as will the days ahead be, for Deb.   We are all staying close to her and getting her out and about often, but her heart is hurting so much.  Please keep her in your prayers if you would.

Today I thought I share a card ( and daily photos of course :).  

I've been busy working on some banners, canvases ect for this event my friend Lynda is hosting.  I'll also be selling some vintage things.  Hope you can attend if you live near.

I was happy to have Wyatt and Emmett get to stop by for a while the other day while mom had some things to run and do. I hadn't seen them for about three weeks. I swear they had GROWN.   The dogs were so happy to have their buddy Wyatt to watch TV with. lol  Emmett thought coloring sounded more fun :)

Last weekend was Dan's work weekend so he missed out :(  but Some Jan, Keith, Brent, Diana, Nathaniel and I were going to meet up for dinner in Lincoln, so I invited Deb to join us. It was a nice evening of visiting. Really good food and the best margarita in town!

Yesterday Jan and I took a little road trip and while we were out of town we did a little junking.  I'm pretty proud of myself because I am working on narrowing down the amount of things I have so I don't come home with things like I used to. These days unless it's something I REALLY  just have to have ( or it a unreal deal).... I'm pretty good about just "looking".
I'm still really working on "uncluttered" and deciding what it is I really need to keep around here and what can go. I think I've gotten rid of a lot, and then  I look up in the garage rafters and think... huh? lol     So this Summer I'll work on it some more. I love organization.  But its so much easier if you  get rid of what you can first. I'll just keep plugging away at it I guess. ha!

Thanks for hanging in her with me. Sorry it was so long between posts.


Hugs all around!  Vicki


Anonymous said...

Adorable card and yes, Wyatt is getting so long! Please convey my prayers and sympathy to Deb. I am so glad you are okay though........as you know,I worry.............LOL REALLY? Me? of yeah! Hugs to you.

Marlene (cards4u) said...

Cute card and fun pics! So thankful Deb has a friend like you : ) Sounds like we are traveling down the same road - not to encouraging when you can get rid of three or four garbage bags full of stuff and no one knows but you!
I hope you have a Great weekend!!