Monday, March 07, 2016

"Spring" projects

I've defiantly been breaking out the "Springy" papers and paint colors this week.  The nice warmer weather and sunny days that have been teasing us with a taste of Spring has me SO OVER winter!  I've actually been able to have a couple of windows open during the day. Yippee!
I pulled out my Fancy Pants Designs "It's the Little Things" Collection for this altered frame project. I LOVE this color combo, and that floral pattern is just so pretty!

This 3D flower die is from AccuCut.  Three sizes that layer together to make this beautiful dimensional flower. F1029
And the bow die is one of my die designs from AccuCut
Bows VC106

I took a break from working on Spring banners for the upcoming craft sale that my friend Lynda is hosting at the North Bend City Auditorium March 19th and started working on some canvases.  Still working away on them :)

For someone without any grandchildren I was lucky to have a week filled with cute kids at my house :)  Wyatt and Emmett were here to spend the day on Thursday.  Emmett told me he was wearing his new "Farmer Pants" lol    He looks kind of proud, don't you think?

So I had to laugh when we decided to make brownies and he was putting everything in rows. lol
Just like a farmer planting crops.  The kid cracks me up. Let me tell you , before he was finished, those brownies had some serious goodies on them! wow! lol
Then Saturday, sweet baby Lyla was here.   She was at the gate here, having serious conversation with Daisy and Lily.  She is just the most easy going little one. Totally enjoyed the time I got to spend with her.

On top of working on things for the sale, I've been working on going thru closets. Where does this stuff keep coming from?? I keep thinking I get rid of stuff and should have more room :(     It's never ending .  I keep trying to simplify, and get rid of things I really don't need, instead of keeping things, thinking someday I MIGHT need it. The house we lived in before was a big old two story. It had a full basement AND a walk in attic. This house is a two story...but no basement and not attic.   Which I keep thinking this a good thing... because it will force me to have less.....but...... sometimes space management for storage is a challenge for me.  I organize and re-organize.  I'm getting pretty good about getting rid of things ... and even about bring home new thrift treasures like I used too... unfortunately Dan is one of those guys who ( because he can fix things) says... "save that, I'll fix it".  That's great, except, he doesn't have time to fix all those things... so they just take up space.:(        Access - Purge- Organize     I will continue my mission. lol 
My hope is to just have things we really need and USE.

Okay.... time to go outside and enjoy this gorgeous weather. 

I'll leave you with this beautiful video from Joey and Rory Feek.  If you aren't aware of who they are... they are an amazing musical couple that sing the most beautiful country and hymns.  Joey lost her long hard battle with cervical cancer this week. I have loved following their story thru Rorys blog THIS LIFE I LIVE. I have just fallen in love with them and their entire family.  I feel just heart broken for them all.   They're new CD can be purchased at Cracker Barrel .  My sis Jan pick one up for both her and I, and it is just full of beautiful hymns.    Please Keep them in your prayers. 

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Anonymous said...

Those kids are so darling. Proud looking boy with his brownies! It does not get any better in life Love your little frame. So bright and colorful and ready for spring! Hug my friend.