Monday, April 18, 2016

Just for fun..... and our family gathering for Easter

It's been a long time since I've worked with digital anything.  And although my digital skills are very limited, I don't want to forget what I do know, because even if I don't do digital layouts a lot, just knowing how to do a few things in Photoshop is handy for so many other things. It's good to use them so I don't forget how.    PNG's are so easy, because you just drag them over and add them to whatever your working on.  My layouts are never complex... just simple but I enjoy working on something like this ,especially late at night when I'm trying to relax. I can be creative without taking out a ton of supplies and having a mess to clean up.
I found this great site called Pixel Scrapper where you can download fun things for free.  (I think it's like five per day).  When you join, you get to pick one free kit also.  I chose the kit that I used to create the layout below I did of my mom and dad. 

AND.... then there are even some super cute layouts already put together for you like the one below, if you just want to be able to add your own photos.  I think this layout is adorable.  I added photos of my nephew Ryan and is sweet wife Erin.
all I had to do was add the photos :)

Like I said, I just recently ran across this sight and was impressed so thought I'd share.


I had so many photos that I wanted to share I couldn't cram there all into my last post without it being totally  overwhelming. lol  We had waited until last weekend to have our Easter get together so that we could celebrate with our Florida family that would be here also.  We were SO looking forward to seeing them and for us all to be together.
As usually we rented the Senior Center building here in NB.  It's a nice building and it works so well for us to all fit and be comfortable.  There is just too many of us these days for any of our homes to accommodate.
I went over early to set up and had printed off several old family photos for each of the tables.  I have found this always makes for great conversations and reminiscing over wonderful memories.   It seems like every time I do this I hear more and more stories I had never heard before.  Everyone seems to love it. I get the biggest kick out of seeing people picking up the photos and taking them over to their kids or someone else and chatting with them ... asking them if they remember this? or that? Sharing stories and memories.

There is nothing like being together with family.  Especially those we don't get to see as often as we'd like.  I think the photo below says more about that than any words ever could.

My family is full of amazing cooks so this day is a perfect combination of all those talents pulled into one delicious meal :)  Everyone brings something and as my mom would say.... "there's enough food here to feed an Army!" 

We spend the entire day there ..lunch and dinner, so we put a pretty good dent in it. lol

Love having all of us together.
Dan Chatting with Jarad and Kate

For those of you who have been following my blog for many years, holiday photos are a good time for me to catch you up on some of the kids.   Well, this is Nathanial.  I know! How do they grown up so fast?  He graduated from high school in the Fall.  What an amazing guy!

Haley ( Griffins little sis)  and Kirstyn are growing into beautiful young ladies.
And our little Griffin is NOT so little any more at all.

The kids had a Easter egg hunt.

We all walked over to the park across the street with the kids to do a traditional egg game with Diana used to to as a child in Mexico and now shares with us.

These eggs she makes  are a labor of love for sure!!  She saves eggs all thru the year. ( when she uses them for baking ect, she just breaks out the bottom, then rinses them out and lets them dry)   Then she fills each one with confetti. Closes the end, I think by gluing tissue paper over it. And then hand paints them ALL.

So the game is, that you have to tag the person and smash the egg over their head. That's right... smash the eggs :(    After all that work.      At first it's just a painful thought.  Thinking about all those beautiful eggs being smashed and all her hard work... gone.  But when you see how much everyone enjoys it and all the memories that are made while they're doing it.... you can put that aside a bit easier.

She is just a treasure to your family, and we are so blessed that she shares this part of her childhood with us.

and then ...these

now you know what I meant about "Labor of Love"

I got so caught up watching and laughing ( and guarding my own head) that I didn't get many photos of the kids.  But as you can see it's as much fun for the adults :)

I'm sure if you asked anyone there who they thought enjoyed it all the most, they would say Austin.  Him enjoying the eggs as much as he did, made us all HAPPY!!  Austin's Autism makes trips like this away from home and away from his routine sometimes difficult and uncomfortable for him.  But let me tell you he was LOVING every minute of this activity!!  Just watching him love it so much had us all smiling!

I also loved that when he got on the Merry go Round..... he was never alone.   We are all kids at heart right?  Even my sis ( his grandma) jumped on.  ( That's her in the lime green).

Did I mention I love seeing my son happy also :)

Wes and Amy

I just cant stop my self when I start sharing photos. My  love of photography and of family blend together and just take me away. lol   Thanks so much for letting me share a little bit of my life and my family with you.

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