Sunday, May 01, 2016

Happy May Day!

Happy May Day! I realize that some don't even know what that is anymore, but I refuse to let to go by they way side because I think it's just a sweet tradition.   We always made little simple May baskets as kids. After school we'd deliver them to our friends.  Going up to their door, ringing the doorbell and then running away ( hesitating just enough that they could see it was us, but wouldn't be able to catch up to us :).  The "baskets" were never fancy, sometimes a dixie cup with a pipe cleaner candle ( eek... yes... I said "pipe cleaner not chenille stem. lol because that's what we called them back then. We usually filled them with popcorn and a few little candies.  It never failed.. they would fall over a million times while you were trying to deliver them.  
I've talked about May Day on my blog for a lot of years now and found out over time that it's not something that people in all areas of the country did.  If your reading I'd love to hear where you were raised as a child and if you participated in May Day.
If you want to read about the origin of May Day and how different countries celebrate read HERE

The May Day baskets below are for my friends. Who says big girls don't still love May Day?

My boys always delivered May Day Baskets also when they were little.  We would even get in the car and deliver them to cousins in town and to Grandma.    I always love to share the story of one May Day when Jarad was 3 or so and we went to deliver a basket to Grandma ( my mom).   I tried to explain to him what he needed to do. Set the basket on the porch, ring the door bell , and then run, because if the person catches you they will kiss you.    He said "ok".   He went up on her porch, set the basket down, rang the door bell .. and... just stood there.   I started saying ... "come on... run!", but he didn't  budge.  I said it again... still nothing.  Finally my mom answered the door. I was at the porch by that time.  I was laughing, and said "Jarad , why didn't you run?", He said " I wanted Grandma to kiss me".

My favorite May Day ever :)
I'm pretty sure it was hers also.

I found the cute little cups for these at Hobby Lobby  . I used my Accu Cut Bow Die for the bows on the front. The flowers are just from the Dollar store.  I came up with this trick if you have a hard time getting the flower to stand up and stay in the  basket, even with all the candies in there.  I just ran the stem of the flower thru these wrapped life savers. 

I have a few special little ones to take baskets. This one is for Lyla. She's just over a year, so I adapted the basket and contents a bit. Goldfish cracks, apple juice box , fruit chews and a little pig.

Wyatt and Emmett's got "de-girled" lol
Speaking of the boys.  They spent the day with me one day this week. Oh, they are just a hoot!

Amy and Wes also stopped out for a visit.  Mom loves when the kids come home :)

It's a rainy day here again so I guess there will be no dancing around the May pole, but I do have baskets to deliver so I better run.   Enjoy your day everyone.  Thanks so much for stopping by.

I'll be back soon!  Be good ;)


Deb S. said...

Love the sweet story of Jared delivering a May basket to your mom! ❤️

Scrap for Joy said...

May baskets were such a sweet tradition years ago (and I have lots of years on you!) The thrill was in not getting caught. One year I picked flowers from our neighbor's garden and brought them to my Mom. She was horrified and marched me right over to Pearl's house to apologize. Pearl wasn't upset, she understood that I was trying to do something nice for my mama.
You are a sweet friend and I'm sure your pals really appreciate all of the kind things you do!
Happy May, Vic!

Debbie Fisher (debbiedee) said...

i love your baskets! we didn't do may baskets growing up, but g'ma always had paper cups with pipe cleaner handles filled with brach's candies for us.

then when i got married and had kids, i found out it is a big thing here where i live. kids filled cups with popcorn and candy and took to other kids their age, so we did that for several years. then when my youngest was 'too old', we decided to make them for the senior citizens in the small village we live by as well as my grandparents. my youngest had so much fun and the older ladies loved that they got to give him a kiss as well.

now my kids are older and i try to still give them a little something. unfortunately this year, i am down with a torn ligament that doesn't seem to want to heal, so am on a no weight bearing regiment. but i have little goodies for them when they come home for mother's day even though i didn't get to go deliver them.

i think that this is something that should come back. it's always a 'good thing' to do something special for others.