Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Gift Set

Hey friends! I'm sure you are all busy with Outdoor things, weddings, graduations.. ect, just like we've been. Feels like it's been crazy town around here lately. All good things tho, so I'm not  complaining.   I thought I'd share a gift wrap set I recently did using the new "Life is Beautiful" collection from Fancy Pants.

 I love up-cycling things so.....

This gift containers was made from a oatmeal canister. I didn't use the lid...but I saved it to put it on the bottom of the container when I give it... that way they can always use the container for something else.

This cute die cut container was made with an AccuCut die. ( As was the large flower on the canister).

Thought I'd toss in a card for good measure :)  I love this collection, an the touch of gold is so perfect.

Sorry if I seem to be writing less than normal, but I did something to my little finger and it's SO annoying to type with this on.  I don't remember hurting it, but for some reason it will not straighten at the top knuckle. The doc put this on a couple of weeks ago. ( has to stay on for 6 weeks).  I see a hand specialist next week.

I promised to share a few more photos taken at Matt and Amy's wedding. I have AMAZING nieces and nephews!! ( I'm not prejudiced or anything).  Here are some photos with just a few of them.
I love this photo of Wes and Amy when they were dancing at the reception.

Jarad and Kate are celebrating their anniversary, tanking down the Niobrara River and staying in a Cabin in Long Pine with their friends. It's their very favorite place. They go every year. 

Time goes by so fast. It's hard to believe its been 3 years since this.

While they are away, their dog Riley is staying with us. Their other dog Cloey is with Kate's sisters family.  They have a little girl and she really wanted the dogs to stay there. Kate thought one might be enough lol so Riley came to Grandma and Grandpas :)
I looked out the door to the deck yesterday and cracked up with I saw them all sunning themselves in a row.
Silly dogs!

Like I said, it's been busy around here.  Over the weekend, (Saturday) I sold stuff at my friend Lynda's fleamart. That night we had another wedding. I've been trying to get my plants potted ( with this stupid finger in the way). I had dental work done, a minor medical procedure, had a friend back from out of state for a visit, .... ect ect...
Next week I'll be watching Wyatt and Emmett all week, so I better rest up :)

I have to share this, because it was SO good. While my friend was back,we ate at "Blue Shushi" in Omaha. I had heard of it,but not being a "Shushi" Person, I was never that interested in going.  Well, we went and I had this.  No raw fish.....Sweet potato, grilled asparagus , hummus, sun dried tomato , soy paper and brown rice.  It was amazing!  They have lots of other yummy looking things on the menu. ( other than raw). So I cant wait to go again.   If you have one near you, I highly recommend it.

I always appreciate you stopping by! I apologize for not posting as often and sharing as many projects as I used to.  I'm still here..... just living life full speed ahead. lol
Thursday the girls will be here for a crafting day, so I'll be back to share photos of that. I cant wait to see them all, it's been a while.

Sending positive vibes your way

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Marlene (cards4u) said...

Great gift set and I love what you did with the oatmeal container! Such fun pictures of your family!! And the bathing beauties well they are just precious : ) Thanks for sharing - always fun to come by and visit!