Tuesday, July 26, 2016

"Have Courage Be Kind" altered clock

Hello friends!
It has been smoking hot here!Whew!  I have been inside where it's cool most afternoons this past couple of weeks. Which is good, because I've been plugging away at the scrapbook pages for hire that I'm working on.  I knocked out another 32 pages.  These are simple, on overly time consuming layouts, but still take time and planning.  These pages are part of working toward scrapbooks for this persons Grandchildren.  She is very happy with them so far, which makes me HAPPY.  It took me a while to get back in the swing of 2 page layouts using as many photos as possible... but it's happening.  Not something I ever thought I'd do, but now that I'm home and not traveling like I used to, I have the time. It makes me happy to know they will be something these kids will have to look back at any time they want. Photos just capture moments in time and are so amazing. Even when I don't know all the people in the photos... the photos are really are fun to look at . New births, Holidays at Grandma and Grandpas house, cousins playing together , on and on.  Pieces of their childhood. A great reminder of why I fell in love with scrapbooking in the begining.

Today I'm sharing an altered clock project using the Life is Beautiful Collection.
from Fancy Pants. It's such a great collection.

 There are always so many cute elements to play with.

Here is how it started.  Instead of tossing it ....repurpose it!

Here is the link to the original post of mine on the Fancy Pants Blog if you'd like to check it out.


It's been a while since I did these wood knobs, but it was fun to see them featured here

 t DIY Educator HERE

In the same blog post where I talked about decoupage using these Crafty Secrets images, I also had this altered bust.  It seems like it was so long ago that I worked on these.  If any of you were wondering, Sandy from Crafty Secrets still sells Digital Images over at Crafty Vintage Girl
I sure miss that girl! Sandy and I talked the other night and caught up again. So much has changed for them. They moved for one thing. She sold off her stock to just sell digital. Her and Scotts youngest is married now, and expecting. And another one of their daughters is getting married soon.  I miss us talking multiple times a week like we used to. And seeing each other when I went to Canada to work or when we worked all those shows together. BUT... I'm so happy she's happy and actually has time to slow down and enjoy things. That girl worried me with all the hours she put into that business. Total commitment.  So much has changed, but never our friendship. She is like a sister to me.
Time moves on, things change, but true friendship lasts!

Whats new around here?  Just everyday stuff. But everyday stuff can be pretty amazing at times right?
Like these little sweeties that come to visit when I'm out on the deck.

And like beautiful sunsets over the cornfield.
It's not a exotic ocean view from a tropical island... but it's MY view..........and beauty is in the eye of the beholder right?

What are your favorite everyday things about Summertime?  I'd love to hear.

I'll be back soon. I always appreciate you stopping by!

Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello!!! Time to catch up

Hello!!  Summer is flying by!  I keep wondering how it's possible that it's going by so fast. We have been keeping busy with day to day things, some events that we've been out and about for, and then just enjoying plenty of down time on the deck in the evenings on days days off.  Keeping busy or spending down time on the deck is all better than watching the news lately, that's for sure :(  And staying off of FB and away from all the political stuff is pretty good to. lol
With all that's going on in the world lately, and all the sadness on the news,  it seems insensitive for me not to acknowledge it in my blog posts.  Trust me, it's on my mind more than I wish it was. It scares me , it worries me, it makes me sad, and to be perfectly honest...it makes me angry at times. BUT.... I try to keep my blog about creativity... and about things that make me happy.  I think we all get enough of the other stuff throughout the day. So... on with pretty papers, and happy life stuff. la la la   At least for the time that your here visiting.
I wish I could pour you a glass of ice tea, sit on the porch with you and talk about how it's all going to be okay.

 But for now I'll share a new layout I have up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog today.  You can see it with the details here
All week this week on the FP blog we are talking about creative inspiration using shapes.
You guessed it.. my assignment was SQUARES :)
I miss being able to see the sweet girl in this layout as often as I used too.  Her, Alan and Tennessee live in CA.  She will always be my girl ( the daughter I didn't give birth too... but love SO much).  Luckily my sister has always been good about sharing her with me.   . She has a bright light that shines in her that radiates out and touches the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with. She is so special to me,   always has been, always will be.

* as I was typing this... she called and we chatted a long time. Thank goodness for cell phones, photos and Facetime. It helps me miss them a little less*

I haven't been in my studio, creating like I usually am, but I did work on a new baby banner.   Our nephew and his wife had a new babe... who's name is ....... ( you guessed )  Maddie

And .................
she came to our house for a visit.   For those of you who remember me talking about my friend Sally who passed away last Fall... this is one of her Grand babies.  I am so sad that her Grandma Sally never got to meet her... but I know that Maddie has a guardian angle that watches over her day and night.

If you were wondering how my friend Sally is Grandma to our nephews baby... it's because Sally was once our Sister in law. ( she was married to Dan's brother years ago). They divorced .. but that never changed our friendship.  True friendship endures those things.  I was blessed to have her as a friend for over 30 years. I miss her very much.    But when I see the sweet faces of her grandchildren, I feel close to her.
I loved being able to hold Maddie and spend time with them. I was so excited about their visit! It was wonderful!

If you didn't get enough cuteness already, here's a little more :)    Lyla came and spent the day with me while  mom was at work and Dad was busy clearing trees and brush from the storm.
She is seriously the happiest little thing!!

We had all kinds of fun together.

Since I'm on a roll sharing CUTE things.  I have to share the darling play house my Sister Sharon's  Granddaughter and her husband made for their kids.
Here is their adorable family.

Check this out! I told her ..... I want one, (just a little bit bigger) to LIVE IN!

Rylee and Carters Playhouse is pretty special.

What I wouldn't have done for this as a kid!!!

Isn't it just adorable?

I just cant  get over how cute it is.

had to share.  I LOVE IT!

 I figure it just wouldn't be right of I didn't share a little piece of Nebraska Summer before I closed this post.

Bridges.. .Bulls... and....


I hope your Summer has been a great one.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs all around.


Wednesday, July 06, 2016

. Outdoor movie night at our house July 3, 2016

I'm here! I didn't forget you my sweet blog buddies :)     I wish you could have all been here over the weekend for our first big movie night.  It was such fun to have these amazing friends and family here with us.  The weather was not cooperating as it was cloudy and rainy so much of the weekend.  Our movie night was originally set for Saturday night but we had to cancel and reschedule for Sunday evening because the rain just would not stop. Sunday was overcast but defiantly a much better day for it.   With Nebraska weather you just have to be flexible. It can change dramatically in a heartbeat.  Some people that could have come on Saturday, couldn't on Sunday , but some that couldn't have done Saturday could when it was changed to Sunday.  ( The forth is a busy weekend). Anyway, it all worked out.  Sometime you just have to go with it.

I was so excited for everyone to come.  Love putting up decorations!

 I wanted to have a fun get together where I didn't have to spend the entire time cooking and cleaning up in the kitchen... and neither did the other girls.  SO  when we talked about having a movie night we decided it would be all Concession stand food.  And our guests would not bring anything but the kind of beer they like to drink.   My family is full of good cooks but I don't think we need to make so much work for ourselves every time we get together.  I'd rather spend that time enjoying just being together.

Dan had found this rotisserie online, as well as the nacho thing and the little continent holder. ( and you think "I" get into it. lol)  We did hotdogs, brats, egg rolls and chimichangas in the rotisserie.   No time in the kitchen there, because I bought it all.  I also bought the big gallon can of cheese dip and of Hormel Chili.   ( for your dogs or your nachos).  Also a gallon jar of dill pickles.

I found a lot of fun themed things at Nobbies and at Hobby Lobby.
Believe it or not it was actually a bit chilly late that night so we had our patio heater out ( as well as Jarad and Kates) and I also put out that orange bin of throws.

 I loved these cute vintage looking sodas I found at The Home Store.

Trust me ... it wasn't just me that got into planning this. Dan was also!  I think he was excited to show off the deck he worked so hard on.

I found that metal "Feature Presentation" sign at Hobby Lobby. I NEEDED IT! lol   Thankful for my 40% off coupons :)     When we decided on a movie , we just printed off a photo of the cover and put it in a frame.  ( now we can change that out in the frame for each movie night).

I also found these next two lighted signs at Hobby Lobby.  The first time I saw them they were $40 and I passed................but................. I went a week ago and they were in the 90% off isle!!!   $4 each!!!
Okay... they are mine!   I love a deal like that!

 I have to admit, I love getting out all the decorations. I'd MUCH rather decorate than COOK! lol

 I needed a  simple Red White and Blue decor for the  front door. I found this unfinished "C" at Micheal's and just painted and dressed it up a little.

We were SO happy that both Wes and Amy,. and Jarad and Kate were able to be here.

Wes broke out my selfie stick. lol

We sure missed Julie, but so glad  these girls were there.
As I'm writing this and posting photos that I'm in , I certainly wish I could find the article I read yesterday. It was so good.  If I end up finding it, I'll post the link.  It was all about  why we should take photos of ourselves. And not always be "IN" the picture.  I never want to post photos of myself.  I love  taking photos of others, but hate having my picture taken.   I try tell myself, this is just who I am, like it or not, it's what I look like now.  If I wait until I loose weight or wait  until  I looked just the way I want before  I let anyone take my photo, I'm sure I may never have another photo taken. lol   So .......  for all of us who feel that way, .... lets try to just be us.  Let yourself be documented in your life time also.  And help me to remember this in the future. lol

My brother Ray and my sis Jan.

Even tho Dan had fogged the yard to hopefully take care of the mosquitoes, there were still a few.   I had seen a cute  sign made up like this on Pinterest ,so I made one myself.

No night is complete with out a fire and roasted marshmallows right?

I had ordered homemade cinnamon  rolls from "The Corner Cafe" here in North Bend, for those who spent the night to have for breakfast.  They were delirious  as always!

We sat out on the deck in the morning and had coffee and chatted. It was so nice to get to spend time just visiting.

I seriously CAN NOT wait to do this again!  We've decided we need to do movie nights OFTEN to get use out of all the things we have for it now. ( we may have gotten just a smidgen  out of control with it. lol
But lining things up was half the fun.

Thanks for letting me share.  I hope you all had a fun and safe July 4th weekend also!

Hugs, Vic