Monday, July 18, 2016

Hello!!! Time to catch up

Hello!!  Summer is flying by!  I keep wondering how it's possible that it's going by so fast. We have been keeping busy with day to day things, some events that we've been out and about for, and then just enjoying plenty of down time on the deck in the evenings on days days off.  Keeping busy or spending down time on the deck is all better than watching the news lately, that's for sure :(  And staying off of FB and away from all the political stuff is pretty good to. lol
With all that's going on in the world lately, and all the sadness on the news,  it seems insensitive for me not to acknowledge it in my blog posts.  Trust me, it's on my mind more than I wish it was. It scares me , it worries me, it makes me sad, and to be perfectly makes me angry at times. BUT.... I try to keep my blog about creativity... and about things that make me happy.  I think we all get enough of the other stuff throughout the day. So... on with pretty papers, and happy life stuff. la la la   At least for the time that your here visiting.
I wish I could pour you a glass of ice tea, sit on the porch with you and talk about how it's all going to be okay.

 But for now I'll share a new layout I have up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog today.  You can see it with the details here
All week this week on the FP blog we are talking about creative inspiration using shapes.
You guessed it.. my assignment was SQUARES :)
I miss being able to see the sweet girl in this layout as often as I used too.  Her, Alan and Tennessee live in CA.  She will always be my girl ( the daughter I didn't give birth too... but love SO much).  Luckily my sister has always been good about sharing her with me.   . She has a bright light that shines in her that radiates out and touches the hearts of everyone she comes in contact with. She is so special to me,   always has been, always will be.

* as I was typing this... she called and we chatted a long time. Thank goodness for cell phones, photos and Facetime. It helps me miss them a little less*

I haven't been in my studio, creating like I usually am, but I did work on a new baby banner.   Our nephew and his wife had a new babe... who's name is ....... ( you guessed )  Maddie

And .................
she came to our house for a visit.   For those of you who remember me talking about my friend Sally who passed away last Fall... this is one of her Grand babies.  I am so sad that her Grandma Sally never got to meet her... but I know that Maddie has a guardian angle that watches over her day and night.

If you were wondering how my friend Sally is Grandma to our nephews baby... it's because Sally was once our Sister in law. ( she was married to Dan's brother years ago). They divorced .. but that never changed our friendship.  True friendship endures those things.  I was blessed to have her as a friend for over 30 years. I miss her very much.    But when I see the sweet faces of her grandchildren, I feel close to her.
I loved being able to hold Maddie and spend time with them. I was so excited about their visit! It was wonderful!

If you didn't get enough cuteness already, here's a little more :)    Lyla came and spent the day with me while  mom was at work and Dad was busy clearing trees and brush from the storm.
She is seriously the happiest little thing!!

We had all kinds of fun together.

Since I'm on a roll sharing CUTE things.  I have to share the darling play house my Sister Sharon's  Granddaughter and her husband made for their kids.
Here is their adorable family.

Check this out! I told her ..... I want one, (just a little bit bigger) to LIVE IN!

Rylee and Carters Playhouse is pretty special.

What I wouldn't have done for this as a kid!!!

Isn't it just adorable?

I just cant  get over how cute it is.

had to share.  I LOVE IT!

 I figure it just wouldn't be right of I didn't share a little piece of Nebraska Summer before I closed this post.

Bridges.. .Bulls... and....


I hope your Summer has been a great one.

Thanks for stopping by.
Hugs all around.



Anonymous said...

OMG, you are surrounded by beautiful babies! I want one, We could totally use that play house as a stamping camp! I think you need to get Dan to build one for visitors, just saying. Love the page you did. As for the world, it seems to be going crazy right now and I find it very sad. I see people throwing trash on the streets and think that they have no idea of how to take care of our earth. I see people acting like trash or crazy and I think they can't possibly have God in their hearts. I want to change the world but, like you, I know I can't do more than make those around me feel special, happy and smiling. Sending my love,happiness and smiles to you for sharing the lovely thinks in life! You have a pure heart.

Gail S. said...

Such sweet babies!!! I also want one of those play houses!!!! What fun. Thanks for sharing all of you awesome pictures!