Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Altered clock "Make a Big Splash" Fancy Pants Designs

He everyone! I'm sharing a "don't toss that broken clock" project.   Of course I love altering vintage clocks but ( but I don't really like to take them apart because they are so cool).  This clock is not old, but there is no way I could just toss it.  I think any clock getting re-loved is great! I used the Fancy Pants "Down by the Sea Shore" Collection with this photo of my sweet little nephew, Tennessee.   I wish you could see this  one better :( The plastic on the front is actually curved, so it's kind of like a bubble.  I wouldn't have had to put the front cover back on. but it was so cool, that I really wanted to.  The problem with that is that it makes it really hard to get a good photo of, without some glare. 

The fun part of that is that I could make it look dimensional by adding some of the cute rubons from this collection to the photo and to the plastic cover over the front.
It's hard to see , but the red crab is on the inside and the yellow one is on the plastic on the outside.

and the same here with the fish.  You can actually see the shadows of some of the fish on the photo.

This is such a darling collection, and so fun to use.  Since a live far away from the ocean.. any way you look at it, I don't have tons of ocean photos to scrap, so I couldn't wait to use some of the photos from Tennessees visit to the Ocean.  I love getting photos of this little guy.  I don't want to  miss all these fun little stages of his first year.  His mommy is so good about texting   photos.  I'm so thankful!

I still  wanted to share a couple of photos from the movie night we had with Wyatt and Emmett last week. I'm pretty sure they had fun.
Pizza first.

popcorn later.

As hot as it was turning the day, it got chilly later.  Dan brought out blankets for the boys. They snuggled right in with their popcorn. It was a fun time.

Wes and Amy's garden has really been producing.  And I'm very lucky they share with us.

I have loved having all these fresh veggies to cook with .   Jarad and Kate have a garden also.  I'm so happy the kids all  appreciate having gardens.  I'm sure they are thrilled to be reaping the benefits of the work they put into them.  It's not summer without garden bounty to enjoy.

Speaking of Summer.  I can barely stand the idea of Summer drawing to an end. (insert sad face).
I love Fall, just not what comes after as much as I used to.  
One of the things that is hard for me, is wearing "real" shoes again. ( insert REALLY sad face).  I would be barefoot or in sandals or flip flops all the time if I had my way.   Living in NE, that is a problem Oct thru March! . Before long Fall will be here and I'll have to resign to the fact I I need to actually wear SHOES.  
I can only tell you...... this... is a pretty big deal to me. lol   My feet rebel. lol  What can I say.. they need to be free. lol
The other day I saw an online add for these comfy looking shoes.  I ordered them thinking , hey they're cute and as close to "real shoes" as I want to think about right now. They are SO comfy!
I could be in trouble because they're are so many super cute, reasonably priced shoes at NEWchic where I ordered these.
When I find something I like I like to share. I dont know about all the shoes at NEW Chic ( except that many are super cute). but these are a dream.

Busy day ahead.  Amy's (Wes's girlfriend) is here visiting from CA so she is coming her for dinner and movie night tomorrow.  Friday Amy got tickets to take her mom and I to the Wine and Balloon Festival.

 Saturday we are headed to SD to an Aunts 90th Birthday.  Full speed ahead.
I hope your week is going well, and continues to be a good one.

Thank you so much for coming by.  I'll be back soon.



Jane Wetzel said...

I LOVE this clock! It is screaming ADORABLE! lol Thanks for the tip on the shoes- I just went and checked it out. How are those prices so good? WOW...

Anonymous said...

Love your sheos but wearing a 5 1/2 EE makes it hard to find fun shoes......sigh. Love the clock and I didn't know Amy lived in California? Kind of long distance? Movie night with the boys looks like a ball. They are adorable!