Wednesday, August 03, 2016

"Let the sunshine in" card

Happy August!  I'm still trying to figure out where July went. What?  The older I get the more I seem to dislike Winter, so although I love Fall , I'm in NO hurry for winter.  I've lived in Nebraska all my life, so you'd think I get used to cold snowy winters.  Actually it's not the snow I dislike, I love pretty, snowy days. And the cold.. we'll I don't love it but, mostly it's when there is too many dark dreary days that I really dislike Winter.  I need sunshine!
Well, the card I'm sharing today is bright and cheery. It's made with the " Life is Beautiful " Collection from Fancy Pants Designs.  You can see my post here on the Fancy Pants Designs Blog.

What else has been going on? Well, the boys spend the night here last Friday night. We invited them over for a movie night.  I have photos of that to share, but I didn't want to drown you in more photos than I already am, so I'll share those in another post.

Earlier in the evening before pizza an movie time, the kids and I made up these treat bags to take to the police officers to show our  appreciation for all they do.  It really broke my heart the other day when something came on the news showing the police in a negative light.  Wyatt talked a bit about it and I was so surprised at how aware he was about the this subject.  Kids pick up so much more from background TV and adult conversations than we realize. It made me really sad that the kids even have to hear these scary things.  I know they have great parents and are being brought up well.  But I thought  why not do a fun project with them  to show them they can count on the offices here.   I found this idea floating around on FB and decided we would put some bags together.

The kids thought it was fun.  The kids can really be a part of things, counting out the candies, and putting them in the bags.  Depending on how old they are, they could even cut out and glue the saying to the front of the bag.    I will share the one I typed out myself at the bottom of this post.  I left it high res, so it's printable. Please feel free to use the one I typed up if you'd like to make these with your kids or grandkids.

Of course, we had to visit out favorite officer first. lol  We went to Wes's station.  The kids know Wes well   so it was fun for them to see him at work.

Here are a couple of the other offices with their bags.  They had posted this on the police's Facebook wall, thanking the boys for bringing the treats and stopping by.  I snagged it there :)

Here we are sharing our bags at another police station.

I know Emmett would be impressed, but with Wyatt being a bit older, I wasn't sure if he'd be as entertained.

ummm.... as you can see, he liked it also.

Wes showed them all  around and even took us over to the fire department to have them show us around there. The boys loved sitting in the fire trucks, seeing the water rescue boats, and HONKING the big horns. lol

I think the boys enjoyed it and it was a good experience for all of us.

Here is the printable if you want to use it.

Oh, before closing I'll share what I worked on this week.  Kate ,our daughter in law is a high school teacher, and she is getting her classroom ready for the school year.  She asked if I'd be willing to help her out with a couple of things. ( canvases with sayings ect). 

She recovered this old chair I gave her and .... now.....
ummmm I want it back now lol
It turned out so great!

She also  recovered these chairs she found a the "Home store" ( a kind of thrift store we have in Fremont).

She's putting together a little reading area in her classroom.  (English teacher :)
I love seeing old things getting new life!!! 
I little fabric, a little paint.. and you have fun new things.

She said she's still working on it when she sent me the photos, but it's looking awesome.

As for me, I'm still working on going thru things and purging.  I've been on this kick for a couple of years now.  It's still hard for me to part with things at times. I have to tell myself I can really like something without having to HAVE it. Especially  hard for me to refrain from picking up more things when I'm at a thrift store or sale. ( REALLY hard to pass up good deals) lol Sometimes I still cant.. but I'm so much better about it than I used to be.  I like the feeling of not having so much  STUFF. (trust me I still have plenty) .  Luckily I also love organization, so I do pretty good with concentrating all the crap I have so it's not out of control. lol
It's a work in progress.
I continue to simplify!

Thanks as always for taking time to stop by.

I hope your week is going well.


janel said...

Well, those boys are just the cutest! I am SURE they loved it...and I bet it made the Policemen's day. I'm with you on feelings about winter..I feel the same way...Fall is my favorite, but also makes me sad because I know what is coming. You and I must be on the same path.....less is more, but it is difficult at times. Think of you often and wish you lots of Sunshine.

Anonymous said...

Love that you take them to see theh police in action! Your boards for school are perfect and her ability to recover furniture? I need some lessons. I know these children around you will grow up well because of you! Hugs my friend.