Friday, August 19, 2016

Painted Canvas

Sometimes it's just good to step out of your comfort zone a  bit and just enjoy the process.  I did that one day last week when I decided to just paint. I just pulled out a canvas and started, with nothing in particular in mind.
 I remember a couple of years ago deciding I was going to to step down from some of the Design Teams I was on and just enjoy some time creating just for fun , without guidelines and deadlines.  Well, instead I found myself just creating less :(  It's  good to just take time for "life", don't get me wrong. I was spending way too much time in my studio). But.... I miss pushing my creative limits at times. The other day I  decided to paint. Not for anyone, just because. Painting is not something I'm super comfortable with for the most part. But I was surprised how much a enjoyed it when I didn't worry so much about what the end result was going to be. 
So, when I'm done, It's nothing super special and I am not happy with the way the writing turned out at all , but I'm going to be OK with it. I wasn't going to post it but I decided it's something worth talking about. If you love to create but it's always for someone, for a Design Team requirement, or to replicate something you were inspired by on Pinterest.....  Try using your next free craft/art time for YOU.  For no other reason, except for the fact you just enjoy it.  Paint, cut, draw, or even just doodle.  Go into it with the idea that you don't even have to show anyone.  There really is something to be  said for just enjoying the process... without any expectations.

 I had to tell myself, it's okay not to be the best at it.  It's okay that lots of people are WAY better at it.  It's okay, just enjoy it. I really did enjoy it. I just put on some music and played with paint.  It was good :)

So. .... that was that one relaxing day. lol Now full speed ahead. haha   There has been so much going on. I had to  pick and choose photos as not to drown you in them.

I always have to share about these sweet boys when they stop over for a visit.  Their mom had a training day at work before school starts so they came over to play. ( you know me, I hate to play alone. :)
We did a couple of crafty things I had picked up at Hobby Lobby especially  for the next time they came over
Emmett is working on coloring his scare crow after finishing his Tee Pee.

Wyatt so good at  coloring and drawing.

Emmett, well., he's all about getting his projects done quick and playing in the buttons. ( a boy after my own heart).

Last weekend Dan and I went to SD for my Aunt Donna's 90th Birthday celebration. Her husband, Uncle Al ( my moms  brother) , had his 90th celebration last year.  And the year before that was my Aunt Viv's ( my moms sister).  They are the last of my family in SD.  Aunt Viv was at the party also of course so we got to see her.
She is going well, and has moved to an assisted living since her visit here. She loves it!

 My parents were both from SD and met and married there, and started their family.  Only my next oldest brother and I were born here in NE after they moved down here. SD hold so many memories for my siblings and I ( and my kids) of great family times.  My Grandparents farmed there until they retired and moved to town. After Grandpa passed, Grandma lived in that cute little house for many years.
 It's seems slower paced there. (Populations under 300)  A little more untouched by the craziness of the world these days somehow.  Maybe I just want to believe that , but it's just feels so comfortable there. 

My Aunt Donna an Uncle Al are just amazing people. They farmed all their lives and still live out on their farm. They are hard working people with hearts of gold.  My Aunt Donna has had lots of medical problems these past years, but they still just keep going.    You can tell by my Uncle Al , that he's quite a character.
I love these people.

It's about 4 hours from here. We enjoy the drive up and back. It was a gorgeous day. 

Jarad and Kate drove up for the Birthday celebration also, although they headed there the day before us. It was so nice to have them be there.

Wes and Amy weren't able to make it because they are in Colorado camping.  They love adventure ( and to make me worry :) so they are on the motorcycle.

Actually they rode out with other friends who took their motorcycles and they were meeting up with other friends out there.   They have been keeping us posted, and it sounds like they are having a great time!

This is a photo from a concert they went to at Red Rocks they other night.

Before they left Wes designed a T shirt logo, and I helped him print them off and iron them on, so they would all have one.  They actually looked amazing! He did a great job on the design.

Last night I went to Lincoln to see my great niece Amber and her boys before they headed back to AZ. They are the most adorable "littles"! We always wish out far away family lived closer, but enjoy every minute of their visits.

Whew! Boy, when I don't blog as often I sure have a lot I feel the need to share. lol
I figure those who come here for craft/art  inspiration will catch that at the top of the post and carry on.  You die hards who have been coming here for so long that you know my entire family will read to the end. lol

If you got this far.... I LOVE YOU!



Jane Wetzel said...

so sweet Vicki- your canvas is perfect! I love your life too.... :)

Anonymous said...

Always beginning to end honey! Your family reminds me of my husband's family. Great pictures, cute boys and I LOVE your art work!

Debby said...

I love your painting. But I also love hearing about and seeing your family. It's so much fun to reconnect with out of state relatives.
I have been to Red Rocks but not during a concert. I know it's a great place for that.
I went to a paint party when I was in Colorado a week ago. We painted elephants. Mine was awful.
Glad you had a fun summer.

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