Thursday, September 01, 2016

A new card and a fun project for the kids

Hey Friends! Here we are jumping into September head first.  Where did Summer go?  I love Fall, but dislike Summer coming to an end.  We've been busy.  Like most everyone, there is lots going on.   I'll share a few photos from "life" after sharing a bit of crafty inspiration.

This card was one I created for Fancy Pants Designs, using the Life is Beautiful Collection.
I adore this collection!  All my  favorite colors!

 I'm actually up on the Fancy Pants Designs blog today with another canvas project. I'd love it if you'd pop over and check it out. Thanks   HERE


 So last week I had a Emmett day :)   School has started so of course Wyatt is in school and Emmett goes to daycare.  I asked if he could come over one day this past week and just for fun . ( I just miss those kids if I don't see them as often you know) lol

I had seen a clever idea on Pinterest for making this little stove top out of a storage container. ( then you can keep all the food and cooking things inside it ).

Below are links to two different sites were you can get free Printable burners and knobs

1000 Points of Creativity
Toy Stove Top Free Printable

Free SVG file
Printable Cutable Creatables

I used the self adhesive sheets from Scrapbook Adhesives by 3L  to adhere the paper pieces to the top of the plastic lid and it worked so great!      Below , I'm holding it and Emmett is pealing off the backing.

Below is a photo of us adding the adhesive sheets to the back of the paper. ( before cutting out the pieces). That makes it easy.. you just put the backing on before cutting out your pieces , then you just cut them both at the same time. Bam! Done!

Cutting and getting our pieces laid out.   We chose a smaller but deeper container so we only used three of the four burning from the printed pages.

I had a few dishes and cups that all the kids love to play with when they are here, but I didn't have food ( I usually let them just use real crackers or cereal).  So we picked up this play food at Family Dollar. I also picked up some $1 measuring cup and spoon, and little muffin tin and a few other things.
Emmett loved it all, and played with it for hours.  I think he really like helping make it :)

On to the rest of the week. 
If you'll been a reader here for long, you have probably seen photos of this group of ladies.  They are very special to me.  We have all been friends for years .. probably over 20 now.   We met years ago when we all worked for the school system.  Pam and Julie are teacher and Liz , Daun and I were their classroom Para Educators.
I had found a couple of photos of all of us together from years ago, so I put them all together in the photo below. ( the top photo is from Monday)

Monday we met for lunch.  Pam is retired now and lives about 3 hours from here, so we met her in York which is about half way.   Liz is moving to Colorado so we wanted  to have a little get together before she left.  We are sure going to miss having her close, but these are the kind of friendships that time and distance  don't change.  We are there for each others, happy celebrations and for the not so happy times when we need support.   When my mom passed, these girls circled around me with love that you cant image.   The brought food to moms house for family, they called, text, send cards and most of all, they were there.  Just seeing them all sitting there together touched me SO much!   We've been there when each others children , graduated, got married, and watched new grandchildren arrive. They are just true blue.
I took this photo of all our hands together. To me it symbolizes our friendship. We stick together.
( now that I'm all teary) gesh

Last weekend we met Wes and Amy for a picnic and hike at Schramm Park
It was nice ( and hot!)

As you can see, it was hot enough to constantly fog up my lens.  It was really fun tho and the dogs were so HAPPY!

I've been working hard on one those pages for hire I'm doing for a friend for her grandkids.  I think I'm at like 90 pages now.


I have to tell you, I have been really enjoying working with the new new kit from The Little Blue House. 
Pre-orders begin online on Sept 9th and Full Reveal will be Sept 12th from The Little Blue House
I along with the other DT girls will be sharing lots of inspiration with projects we created with this kit.

Time to go put the sheets in the dryer and get some other things done around the house. My husband walked in the badroom and asked me if I wash the bedding every day or something.   I said "no, I wash them once a week, like I always have".  He said "Seems like you just washed them yesterday".   grrr.. .he's asking me this again?  I swear we've had this conversation about a dozen times over the past 34 years.
Wonder if I stopped washing the sheets, if he's notice.  Yikes, that scares me... I doubt he would. lol
Not happening.  My mom always washed the sheets once a week.... "I" wash the sheets once a week.
You cant teach an old dog new tricks. lol

Hugs all around!
Thanks for stopping by!


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Anonymous said...

Yep, Sunday is strip the bed day and laundry. Monday is groceries and ironing etc. Love the projects and the flower frame is great! That stove is darling and I need to share with my nieces. Wes and Amy, so cute together. Love to you! Loved the pictures of the "girls" which just happens to be a passion we share!