Monday, September 19, 2016

A new Fancy Pants Designs Card and lots to share

Hey everyone! Fall is in the air I can tell, but I haven't really been ready to give up on Summer yet.  I do have my Fall decor out and have been burning my favorite Mulled Cider candles so I'm working on accepting the whole "Fall" thing.  I do love Fall, but saying goodbye to Summer is a struggle for me.

After working on my projects for The Little Blue House( which by the way is available how HERE) , it feels like I've been working full speed ahead again on the layouts I've been doing for hire. 50 more have been delivered!  I've done 191 so far total.(12x12 layouts).   I finally sat down yesterday and did a card just for fun.  I love sending cards for no reason :)
This card was done using the Fancy Pants Designs "Millie & June" Collection.
I LOVE the Puffy stickers with this Collection... like the gold word "friend".
Such a pretty collections of color and patterns to work with.

I'm super excited about being a ADORNit Girl Ambassador .... I'm going to be having all kinds of fun things to share my blog soon.  While I'm talking about ADORNit I wanted to tell you about this ADORNit giveaway on Facebook , so here you go....

ADORNit is having a giveaway. Head over to their Facebook page. This giveaway if worth over $100.00!
Tag 20 friends who you think need this as much as you do! Be sure to like the page and the post and why not follow them while you're there!!!

It's been a busy Summer for my fun little group of girlfriends who usually come over for craft days, so we haven't  been able to get together as often as we like to.  Jan, Karen and I did manage to squeeze in a little chat time at the Corner Cafe here in town the other day.  I have to tell you.... places like this are just one of the reasons I love small town living.  The Corner Cafe is just what it says... a Cafe on the corner of main street lol.  Next time I will have to take a photo of the inside ( tables, chairs , counter). I just love everything about it.  Mix matched old school tables an chairs in the center and lined with the original booths all along with sides.  As we are chatting over Coffee and their homemade cinnamon rolls there is a table of four older gentleman playing cards. ( Looked like probably retired farmers).   I love places like this, it's so comfortable, and feels so untouched by the sometimes crazy world we live in.

And these.  Oh my.  70 cents. 
We enjoyed them, and had a great visit.

So, then on Sunday, I had a little lazy afternoon chat with this fellow over a grape soda.  His big brother had a baseball game and mom and dad were working and concession stand.

Dan had to work that night but when he got up in the afternoon, he and Emmett had great conversations on the stoop (as my dad would call it ).lol  Dan had just gotten up and was  having a cup of Joe :) ( as Dan's dad would call it).

Today is the start of a new week. I met Wes and Amy in Fremont to drop of  some dinner I had make for them and for Jarad and Kate .  We walked the dogs around the lake since it was such a gorgeous day.  The kids were on their way out to the cabin. They all always appreciate home cooking so much .. so I love to cook for them now and then.  If I could ever keep up with their busy schedules and know when it would work out.. I'd do it more.  I love doing mom stuff lol

Dans off the next couple of days so we plan to work on the block work in the backyard some more.  For that, I am glad the weather has cooled off some.
 For now I best keep plugging away at those layouts. :)

Thanks as always for stopping by. You know I love it when you do :)


Kathy/NorthCarolina said...

I love how happy this card is Vic! Your new adventure with Adornit sounds fun and exciting. I'm very happy for you? And I can't believe those cinnamon rolls are 70 cents! We pay $3 each here! Always fun to catch up with you! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

So jealous of the rolls. I need one right now!! Love that card and, as always, it just shows your cheerful nature. The tale of Dan and his dad being recreated with him and that adorable baby boy! Makes me want to sit right there with them. Love the cafe and want to sit and visit there too.