Sunday, September 25, 2016

New Chic and Adornit... things I love

 Hey everyone! Hoping your weekend was a good one.Today it's finally starting to feel like Fall here. The temps really dropped last night. Air conditioning is off, ...window open and Fall scented candles burning. Feels good!
Today I have a couple of different things I want to share with you. You know, when I find things I really love, be it products, recipes, whatever, I like to share. Well, you might notice on the card I'm sharing today (created with one of my Adornit  coloring images), there is a pair of shoes.   Well I while back a saw some really cute shoes advertised  in an ad that came up on Instagram.  I thought they were  super cute and was impressed with the price, so I went to their website to check them out. Once I got there I saw tons of other   shoes I really liked... so it was really hard to decide.  With Fall being right around the corner at the time I was really drawn to this orange pair.  Here is the deal ...I hate wearing shoes period... so when I do I want them to be comfortable ( and super cute of course).ha!  These shoes are SO comfortable!!
After looking at all the cute shoes on their website ( and  telling my sister about it... because I always jump on phone and start texting her pics when I see cute things) lol  I realized they had more than just shoes.  WAY more than just shoes!  
So now my my wish list is growing by leaps and bounds.  Ughhhh... I need a new purse for winter. But I also found some super cute clothes and home decor stuff.  Decisions , decisions.

Anyway... here it is so you can check it out.  Fun stuff for amazing prices.

What's in my wishlist?  hmmm
here is a couple of things

this cute shirt

and this purse HERE

There are lots of cute things on sale too

Like these Vintage Cotton Dresses that are 50% off here

Geezzz, after going to there site to get these links... I'm stuck there again... looking... lol   I want, I want, I want

Hey, here is a closer shot of the card I'm sharing.  The papers and and the Coloring Greeting are all from Adornit, even the little wood veneer flower.    I used my watercolor pencils to color with.  Not only the coloring image but also the wood veneer flower.

Here are the coloring images from Adornit
Coloring Planners

.......... which I'm super excited to have now, since my "it" girls Ambassadors bag came yesterday!
I had to color a least one image right away yesterday, .. which is this one, that I used for the card.
The papers are Blender Basics
 I used water color pencils for this.  Direct to paper with the wet pencil, and also with a brush (using the watercolor pencils).
All of you who have been visiters here to my blog for long know I'm not stamping and coloring at much.  But... these images and sentiments are so perfect because you can do them up as simple or as involved as you want.  You don't have to be copic certified, be a painting wonder,  or own tons of expensive markers to have fun and make cute cards girls :)  Just have fun!!

Ok, I'm signing off for now.  Lily and Daisy are waiting for a walk.
I hope your week is amazing!
Thanks .. ALWAYS for stopping by!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I love those shoes! I have fat feet so not sure they would work for me. And I can't believe you have shoes to hatch the card you made! Only you girl! Too cute. This is a must go to site as I love those words.

Karol L said...

I saw these shoes on another bloggers site and ordered me a pair. I love them, I also hate wearing shoes but these are so darn comfortable that I don't mind when I have to put them on. I plan to order a few more.
Love your card by the way.