Thursday, September 29, 2016

"Thinking of you" Adornit

Oh my!  For someone who really never liked coloring stamped images much, I am  absolutely addicted to coloring these images!!  They just feel so much more comfortable to me.  You can shade, or not shade, use any markers, watercolor pencils, regular colored pencils, water color crayons, watercolor paints, chalk... whatever!  I always felt like to be able to color, I'd need to buy a 100 different colors of copic markers. I know better now.
On this card I used fine tip sharpies and chalk. ( yes, chalk). I actually broke out the chalks I own, dusted them off and started using them again.  There are just some things that they work great for. Like highlighting letter and edging they image.  I think I've just found that you need to just have fun with it, use what your comfortable with and stop worrying what others are doing.   I was just putting too much pressure on myself .. thinking I had to have a plethora of fancy markers and be an expert "colorer".lol
Once I took that pressure off... it made all the difference. I enjoy it now.

These are some of the ADORNit paintables. There are tons to choose from. You can check them out here.
 Actually there are even more here... coloring books and coloring planners.
The background papers are also from ADORNit. Blender Basics. 

Well, I guess I have stopped coloring long enough to get a couple of other things done this week. lol   The kids were here for Dinner the other night. We had lasagna, and I actually took time to make a pie.  I used to love to make pies, but it seems like for the most part it's only Thanksgiving that I make them.  I love pie, Dan doesn't eat sweets, so that's a good reason for me not to make pies and have them sitting around here. lol
I do love cooking and baking for the kids tho.  They are always so appreciative of a home cooked meal ( no matter what I fix).  And they are always more than happy to take home leftovers :)

Oh, and I forgot to share a couple of photos from last weekend. Yes, yes, I did get to go see my favorite band.  Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers.
Wes's girlfriend Amy went with me. It was a blast.

A good time was had by all!

Amy even had her picture taken with Jim Dalton after the show. ( don't get jealous Wes lol_)

Thanks friends, for stopping by! You are the best!  I just went and looked and I've been blogging since 4/21/06   WHAT?  how can that even be??  Wow

Thank you , thank you for reading !

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Anonymous said...

Who wouldn't love that pie? Hello! And the coloring is so beautiful. They are fun to color. Amy is beautiful and Wes needs to hold on or she will be following that band, LOL. Hugs my friend and keep on smiling.