Friday, October 28, 2016

Art Play "Happy Day" Card and my New Chic Order

Hey everyone!  I hope your week was fantastic!   I can not believe how great the weather has been here. I'm just taking in these gorgeous Fall days! We are just enjoying every minute of it.  Winter will be here soon enough.  This card is pretty much a good example of how hard I'm fighting the grays and browns of winter approaching. lol
I colored this image from the ADORNit art play sheets.  They are 12x12 sheets that are just full of fun images.  They are called "paintables" but you can paint, use colored pencils, chalk or any markers you like.  This was was done with Sharpies ( fine point) and then Chalk for the background.  The paper are "Blender Basics" from ADORNit also.
You can see all the Paintable sheets here.

There are tons to choose from as well as a number of other things, journals ect..  but here is what the sheets look like. They are super Cute :)   I made a card out of some of mine recently, but I've also made book marks, gift  tags and a shadowbox I'll be sharing.   If you are on Facebook, be sure to follow Adornit Art Play for tons of inspiration. 

I also wanted to share with you more about the goodies I got from Newchic.  I ended up ordering this  purse, a billfold and a casual clutch.   There as so many things to choose from , it was a hard decision.  I have a thing for purses and I've been needing a new billfold.. so this is what I finally decided on. I will say, they certainly have LOTS to choose from! Something for everyones personal style.  And the prices are great!  I love sharing  with others when I find something I really like so here is the link  Newchic.   So you know delivery does take a bit longer.  It was worth the wait.  I'm happy with everything I ordered.
Amy and Wes were here, so I talked her into holding them so I could get a good picture.
This is the purse.  I LOVE the color!  It's a perfect size for me and has pocket inside.  One on the side that has a zipper, and I love that.

Brand Women Simple Grid Leather Handbag

This Wallet is the one of the other things I ordered.  It's going to be  great for Spring ..but it's a fun Fall color also.  I'm certainly using it now :)

Women Candy Color Wallet New Fashion Purse Handbag

And I also ordered this casual Clutch.  Something for those times when I don't want to take a bigger purse.  Funny thing is Amy loved it so much, I gave it too her. lol  I can order another.   (it will just give me a reason to place another order) , and you how that goes, I'll  order two or three things.. because when have I ever ordered just one thing :)

Women Elegant Genuine Leather Double Zipper Wallet Ladies Cash Phone Cards Purse

I wish I would have had this before the kids left for California, as it would have been a thing for Amy to use when they were out sight seeing.   Wes and Amy have been gone the last 8 days in CA, where Amy is originally from. Her parents still live there, but just sold there house as they are planning to move here to NE, for Summers and live at their river house in AZ for the winters.   I think Amy wanted to show Wes around and also see the house she grew up in one last time.

It was fun to see the photos they were sharing on their adventure. They did lots of traveling and took in the sights.

Adventurers lol

And Wes's first time at the Pacific Ocean.

Jep ( their new adopted pooch)  was happy to see them when they got home.  They already had this trip all planned and had tickets before all this came up with the dog adoption.  We told them go ahead, and we will keep him here.  He was so good, but it will be good for him to go home and get settled in with them now.

We love you Jep!!

I hope you are enjoying your October wherever you are.  The days here have been just gorgeous.  A little cool in the morning for Miss Lily, but I try hard to keep her stylish and warm at the same time . lol  She hates being cold! She sees me get her jacket out and she comes running.

Thanks so much for taking time to stop by!  Have a great weekend my friends!

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Linda S. said...

What?? No pictures of the new member of the family? Miss Lily is looking especially adorable in her Fall best. Thanks for the recommendation of the new online place to shop. Yeah, like I NEED that! I don't think the link was working. Enjoy this beautiful weather.

Anonymous said...

Wes and Amy look so adorable together. I hope something happens soon! I am waiting patiently (or not) for him to make a move. Love the pics and the card and your yard and you! You make me smile Vicki. Thanks!

Vicki Chrisman said...

Thanks Jane and Linda! Hey Linda , I fixed the link and even added a picture of Jep! lol