Saturday, October 15, 2016

Framed layout - ADDORit Owl

These faces make my heart happy!   This is my niece Neely and her little Tennessee. I love this photo so much! Once I did this layout using these cute ADORNit papers, I decided I wanted to put it in this frame to give to my sis and brother in law.
I have to tell you I have this new found love for ADORNit papers.  I guess I had never really seen all the different papers and collections they have.  I just placed another order. lol    This Owl (Charcoal) collection is  one of my favorites..but it's hard to choose a favorite because I love so many of them.  Another favorite is the Timberland Critters Collection.  Oh.. so cute!  You can see it here if you are interested.

I've also been  having fun with the Paintable Art Play images.    I've never been much of a "colorer" when it came to stamping but this is so much easier for me.  I love the wider lines because they are so much more forgiving. I also always thought I had to have a hundred fancy/expensive markers and be a master at blending...but not true.  I never wanted to invest a lot in markers since I wasn't sure how much I'd do it.  I've been trying out some different markers to see which I like best .  I'll be doing a post about it soon.  I'd love your input on markers.  If you have a preference ... what you have experienced with different markers.

Here is Tenn with his Halloween card that came in the mail from Aunt Vicki :)
I cant believe he's going to be a year old this month!!

It's that time of the year :(   we have to watch the pretty pants and the garden  be taken by the first freeze. So sad.  Wes and Amy picked the last of the garden the other day, ( knowing it was going to freeze that night).  So I made stuffed peppers for Dinner.  I'm going to miss garden produce!!!
I couldn't let my deck plants go. I covered them the other night when it froze, knowing this week would be warmer.  I can enjoy them a few more days.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I spent  Monday in Lincoln with my sis , working on this mini album for Tennessee. We used the  Owl Collection and the Timberland Critters collections.

My sis has such beautiful eye for decor. I just snapped a few photos with my phone to share, but someday I will go back with my camera and give you the full tour. It's so pretty!

You can see in the photo below my sis collects milk glass cake plates.  I didn't begin to get all of them in a photo.  Here dinning room ( which I didn't get a photo of this time) is full of cake plates and other pretties.

 The next two photos are from the front room.

I think this dresser was one of the best deals we found on a junk'n trip. The patina is AMAZING!  I think it was like $15.  Bam... deal of the day for sure!

I was in Lincoln Monday anyway, as we were getting together to celebrate Wes's birthday.  We had planned to eat/drink at Blue Bloods Brewery, and then take the tour there of Robbers Cave.
It was a great night.  Cool place and the food was amazing!

The cave tour was SO interesting!  If you are ever near Lincoln, I highly recommend it!

Wow, this blog post got longer than I thought! lol  I'll close for now, but I'll be back soon.  Stop by Thursday when I'll be  collaborating with some favorite bloggers sharing Christmas family memories.

Until then! Enjoy life!

Thanks, as always for coming by!


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Linda S. said...

Hi Vicki, Well, since you did ask...I must tell you and recommend two kinds of markers. The first is the Zig Clean Color Real Brush Markers. Sets come in different sizes from 6 count, all the way up to the 60 count set. (possibly even larger sets now available) since I bought mine on Amazon Prime. Love, love, love them, and they would be lots of fun on your little AddornIT sheets. Rather than spend time blabbering about how wonderful and fun they are, I would highly recommend getting on UTube and watching videos by some of the "experts". That source is like going to college when it comes to markers of all types. Just type in cards with ZCCRM's and you will be amazed. I have used my set of 60 count to color the Addorn It pages, as well as like items from different manufacturers. One of the videos is on coloring those kinds of pages. I wish I could give you the artists name, but I watch so many, and can get confused about who taught what! In the video I am thinking of, the artist demonstrated coloring with the ZigCCRBM's on the card panel with an umbrella image and some words of encouragement. A great demonstration and well worth your time.
I recently decided to invest in alcohol based markers. Probably like you, I did not want to invest the $$ in Copics, plus I know I would be overwhelmed with the over 300 individual color choices. Instead, I thought I would get "my feet wet" and purchased Spectrum Noir Alchol Markers. I watched, and waited, and found a great sale at Joann's in Bellevue. These markers come in sets of six colors, already co-ordinated for you in individual packages. ie, there is a red packge, a blue package, pinks, purples, yellows, greens, browns, etc. etc. These markers are all about shading so I find three markers in each family to be a must when coloring with them. A big learning curve with these markers, but again, UTube is loaded with helpful videos from Spectrum Noir Certified Colorists, as well as videos from people of all skill levels. One hint...I have found the brand and type of paper used with both of these sets of markers to be of utmost importance, and can make the difference between the design ending up on a card, or in your trash bin. My favorite paper is Strathmore Bristol 300 Series. Shopping for papers even just in the Strathmore line can be very confusing. I think I bought this particular paper at Michael's in Papillion, or maybe the west Omaha store. Bright yellow cover, with the word "Bristol" in red larger letters. Again, the "300 Series" is my favorite, and makes a difference. Please feel free to email me if I can answer any questions. Linda S. in NE