Thursday, October 20, 2016

It's a Christmas Tradition

It's rarely that you would stop by my blog and I would be sharing a "Paperless Post" lol  But today is one of those days.  I'm Collaborating with "Paperless Post" to do a blog post about Christmas Memories.  Paperless Post, has all kinds of great paper products.  Cards for all occasions, photo cards,  announcements, ect.      They are currently  partnering with the (RED) charity to create a special Christmas collection and ane donating part of each purchase in support of the fight against AIDS.
They have some super fun and creative things, so hop over and check them out if you can.

 It won't be long and Christmas will be here.  Time to pull out the boxes and decorations, get cards sent, and start the Christmas cookie baking.
Today I'm going to share a Christmas Tradition in our family, that involves just that. Baking..

In our family there is one special cookie that has stood the test of time and been shared at every Christmas for as long as I can remember ( I'm sure before I was even born). 
We always call them "Mom's Sour Cream cookies"   but the recipe was actually carried on by my mom from our dear Aunt ( Ede) Edith
Aunt Ede was the kindest sweetest most patience person you could ever meet.  She was my dads sister. She has been gone for 40 plus years not ,but we all loved her dearly, and have so many many fond memories of her.  She made these cookies often.. not just for Christmas.

After Aunt Ede passed ,mom started making these cookies for us each Christmas.  For those next generations who never had the joy of knowing Aunt Ede, the cookies suddenly became "Grandma Dunn's cookies".
Let me first let you know, ( if you aren't a regular reader and already know) I come from a large family.  I am the baby of 7.  I came along later in my parents lives as a bit of a surprise. lol Anyway, there are 7 of us kids, all of us have kids, some grand kids and some great grand kids.  We used to all gather at mom and dads for Holidays but as our family grew, it just became to many for one house. We talked about  having Christmas at home on Christmas with our own families and decided , that we still all wanted to be together no matter where is was we had Christmas.  Now we rent a place... and  we are TOGETHER.  It's not mom and dads but we are TOGETHER and that's what's important.  It took a while and it was odd at first, but now it's just "the norm",it's what we do on Christmas. It can be a bit of a zoo at times...but that's how we like it :)  It's part of being a big family.

That time always includes these cookies.

For years mom made many many batches of these cookies, and not only brought them to Christmas but also had containers filled with them for each family to take home with them.  She would start working on baking them in the weeks before Christmas and stick them in the freezer so they would be ready. She would take them out a day or two before Christmas and frost and decorate them.  As mom aged and arthritis took it's tole on her hands, it became hard for her to stir the dough for these multiple big batches, but she did not want to give it up, so I would drive into town and do the stirring part for her. ( our mom didn't let anything stop her :)

The last year of her life she was staying here at our house at Christmas time, so we baked together.  Her, my sis Jan , her daughter and my daughter in law.  I know my out of state sisters would have loved to be there with us.

This was a day that will be in my memories forever.  Mom showing us , teaching us.
Below is a photo of my sis and my mom. They are making another favorite cookie mom always made.  Date pinwheels.

One of us would do the mixing, one the rolling and cutting and the other the baking, and then we would switch.

This photo of my mom rolling dough is precious to me. She passed away just a month later,  after celebrating her 90th Birthday at the end of December.

It will be 5 years that mom has been gone.  We miss her so much and things are not the same with out her and Dad.  But we are carrying on the cookie tradition ( as well as many others).  We get together at my house and make batch after batch. 
In the photo below you can see, we have the photo of mom rolling out cookies taped up on the cupboard right where we are working.  It's the photo above of her standing in that same spot, her granddaughter stands now..... doing the same thing.

So... we know have our own tradition for getting together before Christmas to make "Moms Sour Cream Cookies".

Below is my Daughter in law Kate, frosting and decorating.

And my sis and niece decorating.

Pans and pans of frosted cookies ready to head to our get together Christmas Eve.

and join the table of other Baked Christmas goodies.

This is not even close to being the entire family but here are some of us.  It's hard to get everyone in one photo, because people are coming and going all evening. Some have to make it to their spouses family that night also.  You just gather them for a photo when you can. lol   Of course our sisters and their families out of state cant always be their that day with us..but they are always with us in our hearts, just as mom and dad are.
It's a fun crazy time that we wouldn't give up for anything.

Trust me, just trying to gather this bunch is a chore. lol

It's all about ... family.

I could type up this recipe nice and neat, but that just takes something away from it for me.   Here is moms original.   With her adjustments made, .. showing age and lots of love from being used  so many times.

*note*  if you want to make them ahead, they freeze well, just dont frost until you are ready to eat them, as the frosting tends to get sticky when frozen.  
The frosting mom used was just a mix of an egg white beat until fluffy with powdered sugar and a bit of vanilla.  It sets up  when it drys and makes it easy to stack the cookies. 

Thank you for letting me share my favorite Christmas Memory/Tradition with you!

I always find it so fun and interesting to hear others Holiday traditions, please share one in the comments.  I would love it!

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janel said...

What a wonderful post. I remember your Mom from years gone by and she so reminds me of my Mom. The recipe is a treasure..and I love that her traditions continue in your home. I know she is smiling on you and so proud of everything that you create and share.....and the love you embody. Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

Oh Vicki, so many memories came flooding back and it is hard to believe it is five years since she passed. Your family is amazing but not as amazing as you! Love and hugs and thanks for sharing so much warmth.

Linda Knox said...

Such wonderful memories you shared. Thank you so much....loved reading about your family. Yes, it is hard to lose our loved ones and the family dynamics are never the same. Life is always changing and we have to flex with it and be strong. Thank you for the cookie recipe; I am going to make these cookies this holiday.