Saturday, October 22, 2016

"They say it's your birthday!" Art play card and Accucut cupcake stand

Of course I think October is a great Birthday month ( wink) Not only is it my birthday month but I share it with so many others that I love dearly. My first born, my best friend, nephews, a brother in law.. ect  In honor of all October birthday, I thought I'd share a little birthday fun.  
I have been having so much fun with these Art Play images from ADORNit.
I never thought I'd enjoy it as much as I do.  I have always shied away from coloring stamps like I've said.  But these have thicker lines that are so forgiving.  Now that I quit putting so much presser on myself.. thinking I have to be an expert colored/and master at shading... and thinking I needed a hundred expensive markers.. .it's been so enjoyable!
I used this image to make a card for my brother in law, with a little matching cupcake stand, using my AccuCut cupcake stand die.   All the papers used are from the ADORNit Blender Basics Paper Pack.

I don't use any specific Marker  on my cards when I color. I use anything from watercolor pencils, Sharpies, Prisma, Crayola markers, Zig markers, watercolor paint to Chalk. Whatever I choose :)  And I mix on each thing.  No rules! That's what I like!  Even if my image doesn't turn out just the way I wanted , it's okay, because I totally enjoyed the process.  I am finding it so relaxing at night to just color while I'm watching TV.

These printable sheets come like this on a 12x12 sheet.. and the paper they are printed on is a dream to paint or color on.
By the way, pop on over the ADORNit Art Play on Facebook ... be inspired and share you creations also.
There are many sheets to choose from and also books!
You can find the sheet HERE
and the books HERE

You can find my cupcake die at AccuCut HERE

Crafty stuff aside and on to life!
My sis and Brother in law are celebrating their Grandson Tennessee's FIRST Birthday with him in CA today!!  Happy Birthday little man.  Aunt Vic loves you so much!!
They had asked me to go with them, but I had already told Amy and Wes we would keep Jep while they were on vacation. Of course Wes said they would work something else out, but I just couldn't do that to Jep.
The timing of them adopting Jep, wasn't the best because they new they would be living for CA where Amy is from for 9 days. They had to adopt him then if they wanted him, so he only had a little bit of time with them before the had to leave.  Poor boy has had  so much to have to adjust too in such a short time.  I feel better that he's with us and getting lots of love and attention until they get home.

The kids had some time with Amy's family and then off to do some sight seeing.  Here in Hollywood.

Sure seems like they are enjoying themselves. 
Wes's first time to the Pacific Ocean.

And lots of hiking.

Meanwhile we are holding down the fort and doing a little light reading. lol ( a book Wes had ordered) lol

And everyone is becoming the best of friends.

Jep has lots of energy so we are staying busy.  Don't let the above photo fool you. This was just a power

PS.   before I close.... if you are around on Sunday evening , ADORNit is hosting a virtual Party online on FB.  Lots of  great giveaways!

I hope your weekend is/was a great one!

Thanks so much for stopping by. I  appreciate  you all so much!


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