Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Welcome" Chalkboard with felt flowers

I guess I've been busy with projects lately because I have all kinds of things to share, so I decided I'd squeeze in one more blog post.    I have always loved the look of felt flowers for projects, but I guess I assumed they were harder to make than they really are.    I had this super cute Chalkboard shape from ADORNit that I've been wanting to make something with for my front door.   My sis and I had bought all these beautiful pieces of felt a while back to give making some flowers a try.. so if I was going to do this, it was time to check out some You Tube videos on making felt flowers.  I don't know why I always assumed making these flowers was going to be so hard, because they go together just how I had imagined.  I was going to do a video to show you ,but there are SO Many on You Tube if you just type in " Felt Flower tutorials"  Check it out.     You can find the Chalkboard shape HERE

While I had the felt out, I did a couple other projects.   Look out, once you start making the flowers ... they are so cute and easy, that it's hard to stop. lol

What else has been going on around here?   All things FALL.   Pumpkin Muffins, and Fall smelling candles burning .  I love Fall smelling candles ... oh and anything Pumpkin! lol

Mums and pumpkins.   This was one I had a few years back that was just so gorgeous.  I've never found another one link it :(

Oh, and it's harvest time, so there is a lot of this going on around us.   I'm pretty excited that I might get to experience more of this (harvest ) a little more personally the first part of this week.  My friend Karen and her husband Farm.  I always think it's so cute that she helps him in the field. She laughs at me when I say, "I love that".  I've never experienced riding in farm equipment or anything like that.  I know... It sound weird but I think stuff like that would be so cool to experience.   Guess what??  She called and said they were going to be combining near me tomorrow and wanted to know if I wanted to come (YIPPEE)   If it all works out, I will be able to cross this off my bucket list.   ( You know me.. if this happens I'll be sharing photos). I'm excited.

Other than that, it's been fairly quiet around here, as the past three days ( actually nights for Dan) have been is three 12 hour days in a row before having two off.  Yesterday afternoon my friend Deb and I went into Omaha for a little shopping and then for a bit to eat.  It's been a hard few months for my friend Deb, as she lost her husband this year.  It was quick and unexpected, so it's been very hard on her.  She now has her house for sale and her plan is to move back to  her home town a couple of hours from here. I'm sure going to miss her, but I want her to be happy.  My heart has just broken for her these past few months.  Getting out yesterday and having time to chat face to face instead of just on the phone was great.

Oh.. and it was funny because we met up and both of us  were wearing our new ADORNit tops.
I've always loved ADORNit clothes ,but it's only recently that they have started ADORNit Curvey for larger sized.  YAY!  Super cute stuff!   ( if you check out the links , it will take you to the home page, just click on the Boutique and there will be drop downs for you to choose what you want to look at.)

Time to run throw in a load of laundry and pack Dans lunch.  I hope your day is awesome!
Hugs all around!


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Anonymous said...

I bet you two got into trouble! Not to worry, I have the bail money. Beautiful flowers Vic, both the felt and the real! Hugs and love.