Sunday, November 06, 2016

ADORNit "OWL" Thank you card and Fall decor

Just me working with my ADORNit Art Play images again. lol  I know, I know, I'm obsessed. lol  Really I have been doing other things, I promise.  Actually my crafty girls met up for projects at my sisters in Lincoln Friday and I have lots of photos to share of that in my next post.   I wanted to do a post sharing home decor for Fall, just because I usually do that with each Season.. and I thought this little Fall Owl card would  be a good one for my Fall post.
I wanted to tell you something, because it is what was holding me back from coloring images for a long time. I know I've talked about it in previous posts but I can't tell you enough how much more I loved coloring when I started coloring these Art Play images, and when I took some of the pressure of myself.   You do not have to be a master of copic markers or a great watercolor artist to enjoy coloring these and making fun things with them. I have been using Sharpies, chalk, watercolor, colored pencils and any things else that I want on these.  This one was done with Sharpies. Sometimes regular size and some times fine point.  You can find them at Walmart, Target,  Staples, ect  They are not expensive and last and last. Super easy to use, and the colors are bright and fun.   For the blue background I just used Chalk.  If you have been crafting for a long time, I bet you still have a tray of chalk. Everyone used it back in the day.
I love the watercolor paper these are printed on .. it's such a great weight!
When I'm relaxing before bed, it's fun to just come in my room and color one of these images. They are fun and relaxing. ... oh.. and addicting. lol

It's been a pretty low key weekend around here. Actually I thought I was getting sick.  I had such a sore throat Friday night and all day Saturday.  I'm feeling better today. I  have come to the conclusion it allergies.
They have been cutting the fields right next to the house.  As you can see in the photo below.... it's stirred up a crazy amount of dust!   This photo was taken last night out of my dinning room window.  I usually shut the house up like Fort Knox when they start cutting right next to the house each year.   It always gets to me, some years more than others.  It seems to have settled now, and I seem to be feeling better, so fingers crossed.

I thought I'd share a few Fall Decor photos with you, as I usually do each change of season.  I love decorating for the different seasons but I'm not sure if it's just my style or my (getting older) lol  That is making me like to keep it more simple. lol

Maybe part of it is my age, because everything I put out, in the back of my mind I know .. .will have to be PUT AWAY.. lol
Instead of a banner I wanted a little string of pom poms to hang on my china  cabinet.  ( I have a paper banner above my kitchen sink).  All the Fall things are on sale 40% off at Hobby Lobby, so I just brought a couple of bags of Fall colored pom poms and used a needle to string them on some cream embroidery thread.  I liked them so much I made one for the bathroom mirror also.

Found some little orange light to add to this Fall greenery.

This is on the end of my kitchen counter.

 I found this sweet "gather" metal cut out on sale at HL the other day also.

This old dresser used to be Dan's grandmas. I actually use it in the dinning room for table clothes, runners, napkins place mats ect.

I love, love , love Apothecary jars of any kind.  My friend Becky was getting rid of some of hers  and gave them to me. This was one them.   I am a big fan of battery operated candles.  They really look real these days, and the batteries last a long time.   I have my Fall scented candles of course, but they are usually on the kitchen counter..... away from wagging doggy tails. lol

Mud room by the back door.  I was about to toss this grapevine wreath ,but I pulled out some silk flowers I had and gave it a facelift instead.

I haven't really done much with the Front porch since I put away the Halloween stuff.  Out here (especially when they are cutting the field.... everything gets SO dusty out there)

This is the wreath on the front of the house. ( I have to take the leaf blower to it every once in a while to get the dust off also).
I have some pumpkins on the back deck just outside the French doors so I have something "Fallish" to look at when you look out there.  I used our garden owl as part of the decor. lol  Really freaked the dogs out at first. lol

Oh.. and look at this little addiction to my decor. lol  Lyla was here to play on Thursday.  She is so sweet and is growing up SO fast!

Those baby blues never change!

I'll be back in my next post to share photos from our "Girls Craft Day".  It was so fun!
If  you blog, leave the link to your blog in the comments. I'd love to pop over and see what you've been up too.
If you don't blog, always feel  free to leave me a comment letting me know what your up to. I LOVE hearing what's going on in your lives.  Big or small!

Hugs all around!



Anonymous said...

Vicki, your decorating looks like perfect still life paintings! Just beautiful. Love the coloring. I have been so busy making Christmas Cards that I have been behind on fall. Just a bit of color with a pumpkin and mums and a flag in the front and a wreath on the door. Got a cute Christmas sled with skated to hang on the front door, it's small but cute! Trying to buy less and lower the footprint! I have a hard time with that. Just finished watching Leonardo Di Caprio's movie, Before the Flood and will now be even more vigilant. I am planning on sending you some stamp kits left over from swaps to see what you do with them! It should be fun. That little girl is so beautiful and she really could be a model. She just looks perfect! Glad you had a good time with your gals. Sending hugs your way!

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