Friday, November 11, 2016

Card trio and some photos from our girls craft day

Hey there! Hope you are all doing well.  Today I decided to share a few simple cards I created with the Authentique "Cheerful Collection"  I think we could all you some of that this week. It's a fun collection for sure.

I love having a  stash of cards in a box in my craft room that I can go to, to send a little note to a friends.  My card box is pretty low these days, so these will be going in :)   I love sending snail mail! Who doesn't love getting something nice in the mail?

This Collection as some super cute images for sure.  I'm going to be working on some layouts with this  collection for a friend, using photos of her grandchildren.

Last week before Halloween, our group of crafty girls met at my Sisters house in Lincoln.  We worked on felt  flowers for burlap Fall Canvases. (Similar to the one, that I shared on my blog earlier.) Of course they are a creative bunch so everyone put their own spin on it.
If you're  interested you can check out the blog post I did a while back HERE, showing other felt flowers.

Like I mentioned in that earlier post... there are LOTS of great felt flower tutorials on YouTube and they are so easy!

I love crafting time with these girls!! We talked and talked and talked, and them laughed about how we were texting so much as a group later that evening. ... as if we hadn't gotten all our talking out. lol  Julie couldn't make it this time, and of course we missed having her there.  We were thrilled Diana was able to join us this time.

 Here are some more of the felt flowers.

I just cant tell you how much I enjoy these days crafting with these ladies.  It's like therapy! lol

Oh, and then there's this.   My sis always out does her self.

It's a casual day makup, so I look sicky. lol    Oh well, they love me even without makeup. lol
Boy am I bless to have these amazing women in my life!

What else have I been up to?  Well, this little sweetie,(Lyla) is turning two!  I was at their farm yesterday to take her two year photos and  photos of the three of them as a family. ( I should say "Four of them ") Yes, Lyla is going to be a big sister.

This child is so adorable!

Andrew and Kate are such amazing parents.  You can just see the love in their eyes when they look at Lyla.

For those of you who don't know ...  Andrew and Kate are friends of our kids.  Wes and Andrew went to College together.  They ended up buying a farm just a few miles up the road from us.  Although Lyla isn't our Grandchild, she calls me Grandma Vicki, and I'm telling you, I love her so much!   Her and Wyatt and Emmett make me feel like a Grammy :)    I'm so lucky to have them all living so close.

It just couldn't have been a nicer day for taking photos.  I LOVE their farm!

 And I love them.

Families like this give me so much hope for the future.

 I'm hoping you have a fantastic weekend! I'm planning to try to make some progress on the layouts I need to work on. Wish me luck on that. lol 

Hugs all  around!


Lee Brehon said...

I know when I need to see warmth and beauty, just come here.
The family photo should be their Christmas card this year.
I agree, you are lucky to get to share time with that lil' wonder.
Did I mention how awesome the cards are? The poppies are my favourite.

Lee Brehon said...

Beautiful cards, family, chocolate bars,lol
I do think the family should use that photo of them
As their Christmas card this year. Well done.

Vicki Chrisman said...

That is the nicest compliment Lee! I think everyone need a break from all the ugly craziness going on in the world right now. It makes me feel so good that my blog took you away from all that for a few minutes!

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, for love and warmth, you are the GO TO! That little girl is darling and they make beautiful children! Love your cards and of course, from personal experience, I LOVE your Fall boards. Hubs said we could cover the f with a flower and use it year round! Love and hugs girl.