Sunday, December 04, 2016

ADORNit Paintables with the girls

Hi Everyone!
Today I thought I'd share some photos from the other day when I had Karen and Jan over for a little cider, Christmas music, chat time and crafting with  ADORNit Paintables.
I had ordered sheets so that we could all be working with the same images to make 5 different cards.  To make things go a bit faster, I pre cut and kitted the card pieces so that the girls could just focus on the coloring/painting. 

I wanted them to be able to try a number of different things just to experience them.  So out came the supplies.  We did different techniques with Watercolor, using watercolor pencils, watercolor (cakes) and watercolor crayons to paint with.  We also used chalk, a variety of many different markers, glitter pens, Dimensional magic, Stickles ect..
I am so impressed with the weight and texture of the paper these images are printed on . They just seemed to work well with anything we tried.

It was really a fun., fun day! I love spending time with these two and could easily chat with them all day.  (Oh, that's right we did chat all day) lol   So nice to to set down, relax and just visit while creating. 
Here is one of the cards we made.  These images are cut from 12x12 printed sheet.  Each image different.  I just ordered a number of sheets so that we could be doing the same thing.   If you prefer bigger images or a mix of different sized images they offer that also.

I think the girls really like trying out the different things that they may not have tried in the past.   They are always up for learning and trying new things.  Both are super creative!  Although I have used all these different mediums in the past, It's been in different ways. I'm still learning while painting these images also.  But practice makes perfect right?  We even if it's not perfect ( now or never) it's fun and so enjoyable, so that's all that matters to me :)

Here is another card we made.  I love this little dear!

I cant wait to do this again.

Another card. This one with some non traditional Christmas colors.
I was cracking the whip on them a bit for a while, lol, so I gave them a break for some snacks .

Card number Four.

and five!

Time to re energize again , so we had some  Pumpkin Dessert.

I found this  yummy recipe that is so easy, over at "Buns in my Oven".   I've made it twice now.  Thought I would share.   If you read in the comments below the recipe on her blog you can see you can vary things.  I used walnuts and topped with cool whip.    You can find the recipe HERE

photo credit:  Buns in my oven

 I'm so glad we did this at the beginning of the month, since December can get so crazy.  I think a little down time before digging our heals in to December was a great stress reliever.

I cant wait to do it again after the new year.  Now to figure out what images to order for us. hmmmm

Before I close, I have to mention my baby boys Birthday December 2.  I love him so much!

Happy Birthday Jarad!!

 I'm wishing you all a wonderful week ahead!
Thanks so much for stopping by for  hello!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jarad! Vicki, I love that little moose and all the cards and I so want to be your neighbor. Sending love!

Anonymous said...

Aww, I called him a moose instead of a dear. He is darling! Love all your work.

Sherry Canino said...

Omg I'm so glad I found you again and on fB I used to follow you under Sherry Bullard and I'm married now. I've always loved your blog, your stories and your art ❤️❤️❤️

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