Sunday, December 11, 2016

"Christmas in the Air" layout using ADORNit

Hello friends! Can you believe we are about to hit the midway point of December? This month always seems to go by fast but exceptionally so this year for some reason.    I've worked ahead to get this months assignments done so that I could take time to just enjoy the holiday season.   I finished up 40 more layouts for the albums I'm working on for hire. Now I'm taking a break from that also.... until after the first of the year.  It's very gratifying to see them all stacked up and ready to go into the albums :)
Today I thought I'd share a layout I did with ADORNit papers and stickers. These photos of Lyla are from last year.  Hard for me to believe she has just celebrated her 2nd birthday now.

My sis Jan was here the other day for our annual baking day , when we make our moms Sour Cream cut out cookies.  I love getting together with her and keeping this tradition a live.  We made dozens of moms sour cream cooking and then continued on with a few more different kinds.  We commented many times on how much quicker things move along when there are two of us working on it.  We make a pretty good team.

I thought I'd share with you some photos of our get together at Julies house this past week.  Julie's daughter and son in law have a new endeavor that will be kicking off very soon.   It's a pie carrier called Turtle Pie.

Here is a bit about it:

Get your pie to the party in one piece! Pie Turtle is a non-slide pie carrier that prevents your beautifully baked pie from sliding around your car.
 Pie Turtle is a non-slide pie carrier for your car that prevents your beautifull
y baked pie from sliding around the cargo area in your car or SUV. Pie Turtle is designed to survive sharp turns on your way to the party.
No matter how you drive, Pie Turtle will keep your pie exactly where you put it, protecting your perfect golden crust.
Shaped as a turtle, it holds your pie tightly on it's back while rubber cleats on its feet hold it firmly in place while you drive, preventing movement no matter how sharp the turn.
Convenient, cute, and the solution to an age-old problem, Pie Turtle is great for everyone from the experienced baker to the busy mother.

So, Julie had a get together at her house for us girls to share the excitement with us...... and it was all in the cutest TURTLE theme.

Check out these adorable cookies make to look just like the Turtle Pie logo!

And , just because she is the queen of theme parties, we also had TURTLE pie!  It was delicious!

She also had Aronia Berry pie.  The first time any of us had ever had it.

Even her table was set in the TURTLE theme.  Every little detail.

Because Julie's life has been devoted to Early Childhood Education, she had these fun interactive book kits all ready for us to put together. The other girls have grandchildren to make their books for .... and luckily I have my Emmett :) buddy.  Julie thought the book might be a little young for him, but he LOVED it!  We made them to have pieces they would have to match into the pages of the book. ( Attached by velcro).
It was such a cute idea.

I also gave him my santa turtle, which he also loved.

Any day spent with these girls is a good day!  I am so blessed to have their friendship.  We support each other and each others kids 100%.
I'll be telling you more about Michelle and Reeces new endeavor as they begin their kick starter program, but in the meantime please support them by liking their page on Facebook.   "Turtle Pie"

And you can find out more about Turtle Pie here at TURTLE PIE

I hope your week ahead is a good one. 
I'm so thankful for each of you.  Thank you for letting me be part of your life.
So happy that you stop by!

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